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Exotic dishes of Egypt that are worth a try

Exotic Eastern cuisine of Egypt will appeal to all. Visiting Egypt, you should try the fish in almond sauce or the lamb with prunes.

In ancient times, the Egyptians lived in the Nile valley, had a significant advantage over its neighbours because of the fertile soil of the area could feed the entire country even in the lean years. The main crops that time – wheat and barley – were used for cooking, but mainly bread and beer.

In the national Egyptian cuisine vegetarian dishes more than the meat. It’s beans, rice, stewed potatoes, original salads, for example, oranges and olives with pepper.

Meat kitchen, especially chicken and beef. Popular kofte – minced meatballs, grilled on skewers (like shish kebab), kebabs – marinated meat, grilled (like a kebab) and Shawarma (that under this name we sell, just like the original).

Well, the delicacies – stuffed pigeons and camel liver. The Egyptians wonderful pastries and sweets. Good local mineral water (in no case do not drink from the tap), and pretty decent local beer, even the tour guides say that Egypt is the Motherland of brewing.

National bezalkogolnyj the hibiscus, which the Egyptians drink cold. By the way, red, you can buy a home, it will be a good gift.

And yet in Egyptian cooking many dishes that can be safely considered national. To experience real Egyptian cuisine, it is necessary to look into any typical Arab town. Classic Egyptian chewter (Breakfast) consists of two main dishes:

* Fulya is cooked beans in a sour sauce with spices and herbs and often with added chopped vegetables. The dish is, according to the Egyptians, very useful.

* filefile is vegetarian burgers from beans.

At the beginning of dinner is served sauce – tahina, mashed grated sesame seeds with vegetable oil. In the tahina definitely add white cumin, spices, nuts. The walls of all Egyptian cuisine literally smelt the cumin is the smell of Egypt.

For follow tahina salad and hot main dishes:

* full medames brew local beans;

* Tarbes – stuffed with meat of lamb or calf’s stomach;

* mahalel – colored beets, spiced and pickled shallots, olives, chunks of carrot and lemon: the Egyptians without pickles at the table do not sit down, this will be their first prevention from widespread unsanitary conditions. For the same reason half-cooked meat or fish in Egypt do not eat.

* beef in Egyptian – marinated, fried and then baked in the oven meat;

* lamb-Karski – lamb shoulder, roasted, and then stewed in tomato sauce;

* grilled fish in the fish before frying make deep cuts, prisalivajut, rubbed in spices or sprinkled with lemon juice and then put on the grid;

* shakshuk omelet with meat and tomatoes;

* molokhia – soup with chicken, herbs, garlic and vegetables (potatoes, peppers, pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes or carrots);

* kibda lamb or beef liver with rice or in a tortilla, or even with apples, bananas and oranges;

* kusari finely chopped pasta with lentils and onions;

* chicken Karski pre-marinated and boiled until cooked chicken, smeared with honey and placed for one minute in a hot oven;

* the true national Egyptian hibiscus drink. It is made from the flowers of the hibiscus shrub of the family Malvaceae. It turns sour vinous drink, which unknowingly can be taken for freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

On working days the Egyptians do not have lunch very tight. The most popular dish koshari, is a boiled beans (beans, lentils) and other grains, mixed with fried onions. All this is filled with extremely spicy sauce. Egyptians eat this dish easy, but inexperienced Europeans eat koshary without tears can not.

The kitchen of a five star hotel is adapted to European tastes with the addition of some Arab exoticism. In addition to Italian dishes and “continental” salads for the evening buffet served a whole lamb or meter length perch-measure.

Generously presented a variety of kofte, kebabs, fried gefilte fish (mackerel, horse mackerel, Sultan-Ibrahim, red mullet, small flounder), eggplant with meat, salad with squid, octopus, shrimp, boiled and fried.

Outside on the grill is grilled on the grill lamb ribs or chicken kebab. and in ovens to bake cakes.

Eastern sweets – baklava, malabarica, sweet cakes with pistachios, sesame and pistachio halvah, native species lucuma, candied nuts and dried fruits – figs, then cut, chopped figs and dried apricots.

Usual cheap lunch in resort restaurant: salad tehina, bread, tomatoes plus cucumber, lamb kebab, rice with liver and water from a plastic bottle, you can order grill fish with appetizers (salad, tehina, optional – spicy pickles) or Seafood cocktail (same snacks, little fish one to three species, squid, shrimp). The hotel meals will cost two to three times more expensive.

Exotic dishes of Egypt that are worth a try
Exotic Eastern cuisine of Egypt will appeal to all. Visiting Egypt, you should try the fish in almond sauce or the lamb with prunes. In ancient times, the Egyptians lived…


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