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Recipe meat muffins

For all faithful Orthodox Christians now is the time of lent. Those who choose to fast should refrain during this period from meat, dairy products. eggs, and fish allowed only on certain days. But no rules without exceptions: women expecting a baby or lactating mums, traveling or serving in the army, and sick people are allowed all the same products as always. Those who meet these conditions and those who do not observe fasting, will be of interest to today’s recipe meat muffins from Mirsovetov. Because it’s still cold, of energy to maintain the vigor and effort spent more, and therefore you want something high in calories, and meat dishes perfectly meet this requirement. Meat muffins very easy to prepare and take a lot of time and effort are much less than those same chops. In addition, due to its unusual shape, they are ideal not only for everyday but also for a festive menu and the original filling makes them attractive for baby food. In addition, as in most of the recipes on Mirsovetov, composition ingredients meat muffins can be changed, each time getting a new taste of familiar dishes.

Meat muffins – products

400 grams of minced meat;

1 medium size onion;

1 carrot;

50 grams of cheese;

10 quail eggs;

salt, spices to taste.

Meat cupcakes – cooking

The stuffing for this dish it is possible to take any, though, if you prefer ground pork, by the quantity of his need to take a few more. The fact is that during the heat treatment, pork meat will melted more fat, meat also greatly reduced in size and may expose the filling.

To the mixture add the grated on a small grater cheese and fried onions and carrots. For this recipe there is no need to fry the onions and carrots until Golden brown, or bright blush, it is important that the vegetables remain soft. On low heat in oil passeruem onion until translucent, add carrots and cover for a few minutes. Then remove from heat and slightly cool, add to the mixture.

Add salt and spices to taste, mix thoroughly the minced meat. Now, put on to cook quail eggs. Put eggs in a saucepan of boiling water (don’t be afraid, they won’t burst) and cook them for 5-7 minutes on medium heat. Then let cool in cold water and cleaned from the shell. Unbelievable but true: with the sharp end they are cleaned easier. Although patience still have: fragile eggshell crumbles and moves away from the protein very reluctantly. Quail eggs, very popular in the daily menu, have many useful properties. Of course, they all are much better preserved in raw eggs, but not lost completely and during the heat treatment. The b vitamins, potassium, iron, essential amino acids and other nutrients that make them effective for children and adults. Speaking of children: it is believed that quail eggs can be eaten even for those children who are allergic to chicken. But do not rush to take risks! According to recent medical studies, about 60-70% of Allergy cases will give reaction to this product. After stuffing is prepared, the eggs are cooked and peeled, take out the muffin tins or muffin. Grease them with oil and laid on the bottom of a little minced meat and boiled egg.

So fill all the molds, and then gently close their beef on top. With wet hands obtinem the stuffing so that it lay neatly in the mold and completely, with all sides covered the egg. During the heat treatment the layer of meat will decrease in size, and it is important that the egg is not sticking then the finished cupcake.

Meat cakes put in the oven heated to 150-180 degrees, and bake until ready. It will take about 15-20 minutes, check color of meat and juice, try not to overdry the cakes (this time I failed, and the muffins came out harsh).

When the cupcakes have cooled, delicately remove them from the molds and serve to guests or family members.

If the recipe interests you, but muffins cups you do not – does not matter. You can just gently wrap the egg in the stuffing and bake that. Or fry. By the way, the eggs in the minced meat, fried in a skillet is a classic dish of Scottish cuisine, which is called “Eggs, Scotch” – “Scotch Eggs”. Mirsovetov leads here the recipe of this dish, so you can choose which option you prefer.

Eggs Scottish, food and cooking

So, in this case, the stuffing need to take a fat, pig beef or even pork. Scottish cuisine in General, characterized by fatty and quite heavy dishes. What to do: the country is cold, to warm up somehow – there are a vegetarian to be difficult.

Minced salt, pepper, add the thyme or thyme. Carefully knead the minced meat and we pack him hard-boiled chicken egg.

Now whisk one egg with salt and grind in a rather large crumb of white bread. After that, dip the meat with the egg in the egg and then dip them in flour. Then again, we omit our “loaf” in the beaten egg and then dip them in bread crumbs.

This double breading forms a kind of dough puff crust, preventing the leakage of juice into the pan.

Fry the egg in Scottish in hot vegetable oil on all sides. Ready egg can be served hot, and cold.

This dish is so popular at home. Ready “meat balls” are sold even in supermarkets and are considered a good dish for Breakfast. Do you eat the finished dish on Scottish manners at Breakfast or will you store it for lunch – you decide. But in any case Mirsovetov wishes you a pleasant appetite!

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