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The most expensive delicacies in the world
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What cook the most expensive dishes in the world

What cook the most expensive dishes in the world

Even among the wealthy gourmets of the highest demand simple food – eggs, meat, dumplings, potatoes, cheese. All the nuances that add to the price, it would seem, the ordinary food of several zeros. In honor of the exotic, a beautiful legend and hard work.

What is our life — caviar

One of the most exquisite of delicacies is Beluga caviar Almas (translated from the Iranian — “diamond”). It is an unusual white color at the price of 20 thousand euros per kilogram. It is obtained from the rare sturgeon-albinos caught in the Caspian sea, the age of twenty years. In fashionable restaurants around the world caviar imports from Iran in designer jars of pure gold. It is served usually with toast and butter.

Drunk cows

The capital of the marbled beef is considered to be the Japanese city of Kobe. Its name comes from its appearance: thin fat riddled meat thread really looks like a marble. For it to become such a figure, cows rare breed of black Wagyu daily give expensive beer and massaged with sake rubbing – for uniform distribution of fat. They are fed only quality grains and the choicest grass. In Australia the local farmers instead of beer added to cow’s menu red wine.

The price for the steak nastasemarian meat in the restaurants of the world starts from 150 euros and goes up to 1000.

Blue dumplings

In new York the restaurant “Golden gates”, where regulars are Russian immigrants, served the most expensive dumplings in the world. $ 2,500 – serving. Includes traditional beef, pork, salmon, as well as the original Supplement cancer fish-torch, which lives deep in the Atlantic ocean. Thanks to this ingredient dumplings acquire a peculiar bluish tinge, which, however, does not reduce their rare taste of dignity.

Jacket potato

Potato varieties La Bonneau grows on the island owned by France Normadie in the Atlantic ocean. It has a complex taste of sea salt, lemon and nuts, which is achieved due to the sandy soil, fertilized with seaweed. A couple dozen tons of this vegetable, grown during the season, instantly disperses the restaurants (at the price of 500 euros per kilo). Because of its unique taste, the root only stores within three days. He has too thin skin, which clear is not accepted.

For mushrooms with pigs

White truffle grows in the North of Italy in the Tuscan countryside. This is the most expensive mushroom in the world. Small truffles sell for the price of 4 thousand euros per kilogram, and each large instance (weighing up to 750 grams and up to 12 inches in diameter) is sold on auctions. The maximum for today the price has exceeded 150 thousand euros.

White truffle has a distinctive aroma similar to smell of roasted nuts. Therefore, it is the smell of these mushrooms and found, with the help of special dogs and pigs with a delicate sense of smell.

Gold donkey

The most expensive cheese in the world recognizes the “Pool”. Kilogram costs about a thousand euros. It is produced from fresh milk of she-donkeys on a farm in the Serbian mountain reserve Zasavica where under strict supervision and careful care personnel of selected grazing about a hundred rare “prototype” hero of the unforgettable works of Apuleius. Legend has it that Asses ‘ milk Cleopatra used to rejuvenate skin by taking milk baths every day.

For potency on the rocks

The rating of the first courses in many reputable culinary magazines tops the soup “Bird’s nest”, a portion of which is worth at least $ 200. It is made from nests of Swifts shalahanov that live in some areas of South-East Asia and the Islands of Oceania. These birds make their nests using their own saliva, which hardens when exposed to air. So to start, the nest is placed in boiling water, then cook until jelly-like consistency. It is believed that this dish has a positive effect on potency. However, it should be noted that salagane nest on the steep cliffs to reach their nests is only possible with the help of rope ladders.

Stamens without pistils

Not less time-consuming process – the purchase of the most expensive spices in the world – saffron. It is obtained from the stamens of plants of the family krokusowa. Spice hand-harvested, and then dried. Kg for spices required about half a million stamens. So the price per kilo of saffron can reach five thousand euros.

Just add water

Kona Nigari is the world’s most expensive bottled water. It is extracted not from artesian wells and deep in the ocean near the Hawaiian Islands. Desalt sea water, purified and bottled. A liter is 380 dollars. Before use, Kona Nigari need to be diluted with plain water. It is claimed that water helps you lose weight and reduce stress.

Coffee from “the ferret”

The most expensive coffee called Kopi Luwak. After a creature similar to a ferret, which lives on the Islands of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi. He eats coffee beans so hard that returns them to nature in a natural way, without having had time to digest. By way of surviving the beans get a flavor of nougat, honey, butter and get a unique, delicate taste. The locals washed them, dried and fried for sale. In world supermarkets the price for a jar of this coffee can be $ 400. As they say, in nature there is nothing superfluous.

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