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Quick pickled cabbage recipe with vinegar

Pickled cabbage for a few hours

There are many different ways of pickling cabbage: cold, hot, fermented, pickled, sour, spicy, with carrots, beets. They all deserve attention, and no one will argue that pickled cabbage – the most delicious traditional snack on the Russian table, also useful. Interesting recipe and Photo quick delicious salted cabbage that is ready for a few hours, sent us Marina Fateeva from the city of Saratov. It’s delicious pickling cabbage fast (hot) the way with vinegar and garlic, in brine. What can I say, it’s a ready snack – cabbage salad with garlic in the banks!

Cabbage on Matuliski

This recipe is quick salt cabbage, cooked easily and quickly, the cabbage turns a little spicy and crispy.

For a recipe pickled cabbage with vinegar and garlic we will need:

2 kg of cabbage (white cabbage),

1 head of garlic,

1-2 carrots.

For the brine:

1 liter of water

3/4 Cup sugar

2 tbsp salt

1/2 Cup sunflower oil

2 tablespoons of vinegar.

How to cook salted cabbage fast food

Shinkuem cabbage (I usually use for this purpose the combine),three carrots on a coarse grater, chop the garlic (not too finely), stir these ingredients plump and stacked in 3-liter jar.

Start making the brine :

pour in water, sugar, salt and bring to the boil, finally add acetic essence, remove from heat, pour in the sunflower oil, all mix – for a quick pickle of cabbage is ready.

Pour the brine into the jar with the cabbage, leave at room temperature, after 5 hours, the cabbage is ready, you can try.

Then salt the cabbage in jars have to be kept in the refrigerator and eat within 2 weeks. Is prepared quickly and stored but not for long. At my house this pickled cabbage with carrots and garlic, usually eaten for a week.

Bon appetit!

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