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How to serve meals to the table?

The other day will be a posh meal where You play the role of hostess and organizer of the festival, but You don’t know how to serve meals to the table?

Not a problem!

After a tasty cooked dish is the pride of every lady, but only few know how to cook or bake something delicious, you also need to know how to serve meals to the table.


How to serve snacks?

Cold appetizers set on the table before guests arrive. Especially pay attention to their decoration and mouth-watering sight.

If it turns is not enough space on the table nor in any way to rectify the situation by serving! Do not deprive Your guests radosti to admire the vase of flowers! better bring some dishes a little later.

In a narrow circle of close relatives or friends, the hostess can serve meals, taking them with additional table, standing next to her. Sometimes guests can serve themselves. However, if the company has a fairly large, then the owner should enclose all the food. You need to approach each referred to the left side and to offer a dish that the guest is already in itself puts her plate.

Primarily serve snacks, fish and sandwiches.Serve salads first fish, then meat, then vegetables. After the salad comes the turn of cold meats – ham, pates and sausages.

How to serve entrees?

The soup can be poured from the tureen in the event that if a few guests. In large companies serve the soup, spreading to all guests in the same soup, only each guest pours himself. Serve the broth and the soup in warmed bowls or on plates bulyanitsa, laying next dessert spoons.

Of the first dishes are occasionally served pies, croutons, or dumplings, are spread on a large plate covered with a paper towel.

First, you can replace the hot boiled fish with vegetables.

How to serve main dishes?

After the first, put away the dishes and feed the second meat dishes. If You cook several dishes, serve them in the following sequence: first, grilled or baked meat (pork, beef), poultry, stuffed cabbage, etc.

Main dishes are served in round or oval plates with a spoon and fork next to them. Spread of main dishes already imposed in the plates and trays to the right of the guest.

How to serve tea and coffee?

Pour black coffee into small coffee cups, pre-heated, and serve in saucers with spoons. If you treat guests with tea, put beside him on a tray a kettle of boiling water and a teapot with tea leaves. Pour the fragrant drink into skinny glasses or cups. Feeding with tea jam, the mistress herself puts it to each guest in the outlet.

For tea or coffee, serve cake, pastries, chocolates in vases or boxes. slicing the cake into portions, make sure not to spoil the decoration. Next to the cake put a special blade.

How to serve alcoholic beverages?

No holiday table is complete without alcoholic beverages. And it is very important to know which drinks are in harmony with certain dishes.

To acute cold appetizers serves Madeira or port wine, more strong is the vodka. Fish and salads are well washed down with dry white wine. The soup will not be served wine. Hot meat dishes of dark meat (this includes beef, pork and game meat, but also duck and goose) is better suited to red wines, and the chicken and Turkey meat – white wine.

Classic black coffee and tea to offer as a Supplement to the liqueur or brandy. Sweet food is not recommended to accompany alcoholic beverages. But, if it is still included in Your plans, then give preference to a Muscat, Tokay, and champagne even better (sweet or semi-sweet). Dry and semi-dry champagne can be served in other dishes, such as appetizers or meat.

The importance for a correct understanding of the wines has their temperature when serving. Dry white wine, and vodka must be cooled to 8-10 degrees. Red wines can be warmed to 20 degrees. Beverages such as liqueurs, cognacs and fortified wines should be at room temperature – in the region of 16-18 degrees, since upon cooling they lose the scent.

Champagne is served at a temperature of 6-7 degrees. Not worth it to freeze in the refrigerator. Cool champagne in a special my bucket with water and ice cubes.

Cocktails, mineral water, juices served chilled or with ice cubes. Add ice to the glasses with drinks or serve separately on a plate.

Open bottles of drinks at the table. Do it carefully, so as not to drench the guests. Keep the bottle neck in the direction of the table. Opening a bottle of wine, the host pours himself a little drink in a glass, and then fills the glasses of those present, starting with the female guests. Pour on two thirds of the glass, on the right side of the guest.

Bottles of drinks are not the decoration of the table, and therefore does not exhort them between snacks and salads.

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