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The salad with pickled cucumbers

Salad recipes are always in demand. This brand is a universal type of food. Exactly and I love them all without exception, because you can always prepare a salad with their favorite ingredients and get a real gastronomic pleasure from the rich taste. It is possible to achieve not only due to the properly selected products, but also because of the fragrant dressing, spices, herbs, which are usually added to these dishes. Salads gladly include in their menu the hostess, as many varieties can be prepared in advance and then easily feed a family a hearty dinner or to surprise guests with unexpected flavor. To circumvent this issue we couldn’t and today I want to present to your attention recipes of salads with pickled cucumbers, mushrooms, meat.

This begs the question: why these recipes? First of all, because of the availability of ingredients at any time of the year. And this is a good opportunity to diversify the menu in winter and autumn, when luxury seasonal vegetables are replaced with plasticine tasteless cucumbers and tomatoes, which are not seen normal soil and grown in greenhouses on chemical compositions. And the taste of any salad with pickles is excellent (especially if it is supplemented with mushrooms, onions, other applyinitialregion), and the recipes are generally simple and unpretentious.

Salad with pickled cucumber and chicken breast

Ingredients for salad:

chicken breast (boiled or smoked)

200 grams of mushrooms

200 grams of pickled cucumbers (preferably sour-sweet)

stalk leek


3 eggs

2 tablespoons olive oil


Ingredients for filling:

2 raw egg yolks

teaspoon Dijon mustard

clove of garlic

50 ml olive oil

lemon juice or vinegar (to taste)

salt, pepper

Method of preparation:

To prepare the salad with mushrooms mushrooms should be washed, patted dry, cut into slices and fry in olive oil along with sliced leeks and grated carrots, lightly season with salt and pepper.

Chicken breast and pickles cut into small cubes. Eggs peel and grate.

For prescription refills. Mix the yolks with mustard, add a little lemon juice and continue beating, pouring small portions of olive oil and lemon juice. At the end add salt and pepper to taste, add the chopped garlic and mix again.

On a flat dish put layers of half the chicken, half cucumber, half of the mushrooms with onions and carrots and half of the eggs. Pour prepared dressing. Again, the last layer of salad with mushrooms and cucumbers generously season the sauce and decorate with greens.

Note. You can simplify the process and mix all the ingredients. In this case, serve the salad with mushrooms and pickled cucumbers better portions, spread out in the bowl and garnish with a sprig of greenery.

Simple recipes always come to the rescue at critical moments, for example, the appearance of unexpected guests. We offer you to make in your piggy Bank and this simple salad that can be used as spreads for sandwiches.

Salad toppings with pickled cucumbers


5 eggs

200 grams pickled gherkins

a bunch of green onions

teaspoon Dijon mustard with seeds

spicy greens

150 grams of mayonnaise

Method of preparation:

Hard-boiled eggs peel and finely chop the cucumbers cut into small cubes, onion – rings. Mix everything, add the mustard, mayonnaise, parsley. If necessary, you can season with salt and pepper. Before serving, salad with pickles, green onions and eggs should be kept in the refrigerator at least one hour.

Potato salad with pickles


4 potatoes

150 grams pickled gherkins

150 grams marinated mushrooms (chanterelles, porcini, champignons)

3 tablespoons of green peas

small juicy onion

a few stalks of green onions

3 tablespoons olive oil

salt, sugar, spices and vinegar to taste


Method of preparation:

Boiled in the skin potatoes cool, peel and cut into cubes of medium size. Mix in a salad bowl the potatoes, chopped onions and cucumbers, add finely chopped onions, marinated mushrooms and green peas. Pour dressing prepared from oil mixed with salt, sugar, spices and vinegar. She should get a balanced sweet and sour taste.

Before giving on a table salad with cucumbers and pickled mushrooms sprinkle with green onions.

Offered to your attention recipes of salads, as you can see, really simple and to the composition and method of preparation. Because we strive to find alternatives and recipes that suit not only experienced Housewives, but also those who are just starting to learn the culinary aspects.

And another tip: do not take the prescriptions set in stone and they can add, change taste the emphasis, in short, to approach the process creatively. It’s always interesting.

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