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Top 10 most expensive food in the world

On our planet, lots of delicacies, the existence of which many may never even heard of. And they are obscenely expensive. Such products even the rich man is not always afford. If he is not a millionaire or a celebrity with a fabulous income.

However there is a demand, and some people are willing to pay, say, 500 euros for a pound of potatoes. Yes, announced by the amount hair on my head stand on end. How, what, why? What is bad in our potatoes?

All these questions have answers. So, I represent to your attention the ten most expensive dishes in the world.

The most valuable species of truffle is the French black (Perigord) and white Piedmont, which grow in Italy, France and Romania. However, the most expensive was the white truffle, which has a unique taste, incomparable aroma and broken resembling a piece of marble.

These mushrooms grow underground, at a depth of about 9-10 cm and occasionally they can quite a bit to speak out. That is why they are so hard to detect. Here to help people come specially trained dogs. They pick up the truffle aroma, “get a scent” and then dig holes in the place where you can smell the mushroom. However, sometimes in the search for this izyskannogo not all product available exercise and pig, also has a delicate sense of smell. Interestingly, the truffle is in any case can not be exposed to heat and should eat only raw. Otherwise, the mushrooms will lose its famous taste and aroma. As for prices, then here is difficult to give exact figures. The fact that the price per kilogram of the delicacy is constantly changing, because almost every big mushroom is sold at auction annually organized in Italy for the truffle festival. It is in Italian San Miniato was found the world’s largest fungus, weighing 2.5 kg. And in 2007, 750-gram white truffle was sold to three Hong Kong tycoons for 209 thousand dollars. We can say that now the cost of one kilo of white truffles on average is about 2 thousand euros .

The world’s most expensive cheese was made from sheep’s milk and sold at auction during the annual contest in Northern Spain as much as 6.3 thousand euros per pound . This event was indeed unique because previously the best varieties of cheese were sold at a price very close even up to 100 euros (50-80 euros per kilo).

However, in addition to these, the list of Champions you can turn on and very expensive moose cheese produced only in one place – the farm House Moose in Sweden. It is made of moose milk. Milking a moose can only in certain times of the year, but by the time this process takes about 3 hours.

Color tights white cheese, the texture reminiscent of feta, but more oily, but the taste is very tender, a little salty with a rich dairy flavor. The cost of this cheese is one thousand euros per kilogram, and it is made in very limited quantities.

And here is the most expensive spice in the world saffron, which is considered the birthplace of India. To obtain a spice used in the stamens of Crocus flowers purple, each with their only three. Therefore, to receive the saffron takes a lot of effort and time. Saffron called king of spices. The spice has a strong aroma, bitter, spicy taste and wonderful healing properties. It is a fragile dried filaments dark red, brown and light yellow. Moreover, the highest quality is the one, where there is less admixture of pale yellow stamens. A very important point that needs to be taken into account, using saffron, is its correct dosage. The fact is that in large quantities it is poisonous to humans. So, taken at a time of 0.5 grams of saffron have on the body an unpleasant narcotic effect and may cause poisoning. As for cooking, in some countries, this spice put in tea and coffee. Stained her butter, cheese (saffron gives the dish a nice Golden color), flavored liqueurs and non-alcoholic drinks, add to pilaf and Oriental pastries. And there are special dishes that simply can not imagine myself without this spice, Marseilles Bouillabaisse soup, Valencian paella and risotto Alla Milanese. For 1 kg of saffron will have to pay about 6 thousand dollars .

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