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The history of the second course stretches back in those ancient times, when primitive man first tasted meat. Modern menu of an average restaurant abounds with a huge number of dishes, among which you can find a variety of steaks and stuffed cabbage, perch, baked with vegetables and herbs, shrimp in wine and many other interesting dishes.

And, here’s the menu of our ancestors – the creators of these dishes – was much less items. Imagine what then could be found the names of dishes? For example, “chop from the blade of a mammoth” or “roast leg of “ichthyosaur”. Of course, it’s a little funny, but the moment was scored first mammoth or caught the first rabbit started the glorious history of the second courses.

And most interesting is that the “first” second course can be called sushi. Surprised? But, this is not surprising, because by and large sushi are a special way of cooking and serving seafood, which involves eating raw fish. Initially, our ancestors ate raw meat and fish, as fire was produced much later.

Since then, people have made fire and cooked the first piece of meat,a whole new dish, which can be compared with a modern barbecue. The years passed and mankind has invented all kinds of new dishes and today we have quite an extensive classification of them.

The latter serves to classify

To date, all main dishes can be divided into the following categories:

– dishes of meat, which in turn are divided into dishes from veal, pork, beef and venison;

– poultry dishes;

– fish dishes;

– seafood;

– side dishes and porridge;

– vegetable dishes;

– dishes of cheese, cheese and eggs;

– the food dough.

In addition each of these categories can be divided into subcategories such as: boiled, stewed, fried, pickled, etc. so, let’s look at the most popular categories of our classification of main dishes and let us try to understand, “what are we eating?”.

Meat is a favorite food of most people in the world, someone who likes a kebab or a juicy chop with blood, and some prefer fried chicken with a crispy crust. Second meat dishes prepared from meat of any allowed, therefore each cuisine is replete with dishes of meat those animals that are most common in this region. For example, talking about the present Armenian shish kebab, we immediately think about lamb, but this stereotype is wrong, because the Armenians cook it and pork, and chicken. The whole secret lies in the fact that the Armenians are Christians, which means that they have no aversion to any food made from pork. So if next time you will see kebab “in Armenian”, made from pig chef did not suspect the forgery. This really is a real Armenian barbecue.

Poultry dishes are also good, tasty and loved by all, and meat dishes. However, poultry meat has one significant advantage over meat animals. Doctors recommend eating a diet of “white” meat is not that other, as ordinary chicken breast. Certainly, hardly, a little dry chicken breast fans will appreciate the fatty smoked pork ribs, however, from the point of view of healthy eating it is much more useful. As with meat dishes, poultry dishes have a variety of recipes and names, and are prepared using different heat treatment methods: frying, stewing and boiling.

Non-meat main dishes

No less interesting sections in the classification of second courses are fish dishes and seafood. If you are somewhat familiar with the basics of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, then you know that these products are the most popular dishes of Oriental cuisine. But Japanese cuisine is full of dishes, the main component of which is fish or seafood.

Take, for example, the notorious sushi or rolls. Today, Japanese and Chinese cuisine with its fishing tradition became very popular in our country and in other countries of Europe. And, physicians recognize a beneficial effect on the organism of fish dishes and seafood.

The second least popular dish in our country is a mess. Someone refers her to the side dishes, and someone to completely separate dishes. Who is right? The history of cereals, according to official sources, reaches to the times of Ancient Rus. In those days there was the first Russian proverb about the mess: “Porridge – our mother!”.

Some people believe that porridge is the food of commoners, however, there is evidence suggesting that in Ancient Russia porridge was the main dish at various feasts and even weddings, and the noble ladies and princes, as well as the common people ate porridge. But, sometimes porridge was the only dish on the table and replaced the first and second courses.

Today porridge up to his a prominent position on our table, but we perceive it only as a side dish to any meat or vegetable dish. In addition to cereals to side dishes include spaghetti, macaroni, boiled rice, and boiled or steamed vegetables.

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