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The most delicious city

What cities are famous for the most delicious cuisine in the world? To make the most correct rating, the correspondent of Forbes magazine studied the research Index of the city brand (City Brand Index – CBI), which displays the international research group GfK and an expert in territorial branding, British scholar Simon Anholt. They had the ten cities with the most delicious cuisine. Among them were Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan.

What is special about these dishes? We consider more closely.


In French cuisine gourmets around the world appreciate the onion soup, which must be tasted in Paris. Juicy steak with fried potatoes, omelets with various spices and fillings: sausage boiled-smoked in bulk. ham, cheese, mushrooms, herbs, cream of leek and fish soup – Bouillabaisse. And of course – desserts: glazed macaroons from Pierre Hermé shops; yeast Alsatian Kugelhof cake from Ladurée; the souffle, covered with fine chocolate from Pierre Marcolini, the famous chocolatier – tiles dark chocolate with candied nuts from Jean-Charles Roche, chocolate candy with nut filling from Michel Shodan Black and Rigoletto from La Maison du Chocolat.


At first glance, Roman cuisine is simple and delicious, but they are hearty and delicious – lots of vegetables, herbs, tender meat and traditional Italian pasta will not leave anyone indifferent.

At first Remicade only eat pasta:

fetuccini, to which is added ham, homemade sausage. mushrooms, tomatoes and chicken;

bucatini All’amatriciana with spicy red pepper and bacon;

pasta e Ajo oj with butter and garlic.

One of favorite soups is bean soup with lard and Italian “Straciatella” – a meat or chicken broth with added raw eggs, parsley and Parmesan.

Of the meat dishes in Rome just need to try:

Coda alla vaccinara is beef, roasted with the seeds of conifers and bitter chocolate;

Coratella d abbacchio – entrails of lamb with white wine, garlic, rosemary, anchovies and hot red pepper.


Worldwide, Japanese cuisine is synonymous with a healthy diet and the basis of longevity, as well as specific combinations of products and exotic ingredients. Kitchen Tokyo, almost all Japanese based on some of the main ingredients – soy sauce, beans, rice, seafood. The basic concept of Japanese cookery is to keep foods as close to their natural taste, only enhanced and underlined by spices. Among the most famous and delicious dishes that you can try in Tokyo:

Nabemono – braised meat, which is cooked right at the dining table;

ODEN – fish fillet boiled in broth with tofu, eggs, fresh vegetables and soy sauce;

Sushi is a famous Japanese dish where thin strips of fish wrapped in balls of rice.

Mexico city

Mexican cuisine is full of different herbs and spices, mostly very spicy. There is a chili sauce, which in Mexico can apply to absolutely any dish. The same cuisine is rich in dishes of corn – cakes with toppings, corn dough with sauce, and even corn flour with cocoa. Of the meat dishes here are pork, beef, and poultry, well-established selling sausages. Of fish dishes popular sword fish cooked with garlic sauce and lemon. Desserts in Mexico are made with local fruits, corn souffle, fried sugar cane.

Barcelona and Madrid

If we talk about Spanish cuisine, the most delicious of the city will share in Madrid and Barcelona. Barcelona is a Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine, Madrid cuisine Basque, Andalusians and Galiyev.

In Barcelona you should definitely try the Tapas are an appetizer consisting of olives, bread, fish, nuts and much more. This appetizer is perfect for beer. As the famous paella and Catalan, in which you can meet plenty of variety of seafood.

Potato tortilla Barcelona is also known worldwide is the potato, baked in egg with cheese and seasonings. But if you like seafood, try the mussels in white wine.

The cuisine of Madrid is interesting for its thick pottages, Cosido, madrileno of vegetables, beans, meat, served in pots. Also try the fish, grilled or garlic soup. And Madrid is famous for its desserts – French toast, waffles, donuts, muffins will impress the sweet tooth.

Hong Kong

Today in Hong Kong many restaurants where the chef adapts traditional exotic recipes to the taste of Europeans. Therefore, the main components of dishes – rice, vegetables and soybean, from which prepare the sauces, tofu and more. Besides Chinese cuisine likes the combination of young bamboo shoots, green beans, cabbage, garlic and pepper. Very popular dishes from flour – noodles, steam pies, dumplings, Clary.


The first culinary Association with Beijing – Peking duck. This is a very popular dish, but in addition to its in Beijing and served “Beggar’s chicken” is a bird, stuffed with vegetables, wrapped in Lotus leaves, covered with clay and baked in the oven.

Worth a try and a thin crispy pancakes, as well as huanan – sausages made from starch. And it’s only in Beijing you can try hot pot is a large dish with hot broth and a variety of cups with seasonings and sauces. Independent consumer prepares a dish, omitting the broth slices of frozen raw meat and seasoning it with spices.


Milan is a real Mecca for gourmets, because in addition to the food ingredients and a noble Milanese chefs are doing a very fine serving platter. Classic Milanese dishes is risotto Alla Milanese, a thick soup with saffron, pork ribs, salame di Milano of meat and cheese. And speaking of desserts, we can’t ignore Mascarpone, which is the basis of most.

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