Christmas recipes of the peoples of the world
Overseas exotic: Christmas recipes from different countries Added by the user Eat at Home! New year's eve dinner – truly a work of culinary art, in whatever country you were…

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The most expensive dishes of today
The most expensive dishes of today Every man has his hobby. Someone travels, someone draws and someone who would like to experience the taste and effect of the most extravagant…

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The most expensive dishes of today
The most expensive dishes of today Every man has his hobby. Someone travels, someone draws and someone who would like to experience the taste and effect of the most extravagant…

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Decorating your hands – ideas, tips, tricks

Always try to show imagination and to present the dish so that it looked appetizing, refined and elegant. The decoration of the dishes with his own hands certainly not professional carving, but the skillful approach, knowing certain tricks – to make the dish very nicely.

Continuing the theme decoration of dishes. in this article I consider in detail some points and tricks.

Experiment with colors: the juice from boiled beets will color the interesting variety of products. Some food dyes can be prepared as a reserve, to keep in the bottle and apply one drop of, for example, extract caramel (for that caramelizing sugar you need to without adding liquid on low heat until dark brown, then add a little water, stir, and pour in a bottle).

How to decorate a dish with your own hands with the help of food coloring?

With the beginning of a digression – that which gives color .

Brown color give a coffee extract, cocoa or chocolate, caramel extract (see above). Onion peel color in brown eggs and broths, if you put it in gauze bag and boil with them.

Give red raspberry, cranberry, cherry and krasnogorodsky juices. To obtain beet juice, peel and finely chop the beets, pour a small amount of water, diluted vinegar, bring to a boil, neatorama boil, and then drain.

Blue, colors Indigo, Indigo Carmine, and a decoction of cornflower petals (be careful not to collect plants in places where they could be treated with pesticides and in close proximity to railroads and highway).

In green color the spinach juice or sorrel. Yellow which give the dish egg yolks and turmeric. Alternatively, you can grind equal parts of butter and boiled carrots.

The orange color is obtained by the juice from the orange zest and tomato purée.

Decorating dishes with their hands, be a little adventurer, here’s an interesting version of how you can prepare an exotic dessert only because of the staining. Melon cut beads or cubes and divide into three parts: one part to be left as is, second to impregnate beet juice and thus be painted in red, the third part to impregnate with spinach juice or sorrel, juice of orange peel or caramel extract, diluted with water. Then strung on three balls or cubes of different colors on sticks and wooden pins or skewers.

Color can make the mayonnaise for the salad: yellow with mashed boiled egg yolk or small amount of mustard, red – with red wine or beet juice, orange – by using tomato puree, green – with puree of sorrel or of spinach.

And here’s another couple of interesting ideas for decorating with your own hands:

Melted cheese can roll into balls, roll them in very finely chopped red sweet pepper, black olives and ground nuts, arrange on a platter and top to stick toothpicks or tiny skewers. They will be very convenient to take with hands.

On a large plate can form several centers, for example, small pickled gherkins, laid “fans”, and two or three stuffed eggs. Products for the salad can be cut into long strips and insert in the shape of a chrysanthemum in cottage cheese.

Beets, carrots and potatoes for the salad first, you can cut it into circles and then cut them out with cookie cutter or knife with a sharp tip and put different figures: stars, diamonds, petals, leaves, grapes, apples, pears and so on. Especially beautiful these ornaments look great in the water. You can also decorate the jelly with the fruit. From individual figures, you can collect the whole picture: a bouquet of flowers, a hut on chicken legs, etc.

From very thin slices of vegetables (such as beets or carrots thick) or ham, sausages, etc. to make the flower, turning the slice “basket” and dropping into the core of the sour cream or mayonnaise.

Every known method of cutting the “flower” with teeth made of apples, oranges, eggs. But this way you can cut and watermelon or cantaloupe, then cut flesh with a knife and fill the “bowl” of fruit salad.

Here is a look from the usual orange to make an original gem just 5 minutes with a cleaning knife and a few toothpicks.

Most importantly, decorating the dishes with your own hands don’t be afraid to experiment, maybe you will come up with the idea that no one could imagine!

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