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What is the most delicious dish in the world

On this topic can be argued endlessly. The body of each person individually, as well as taste preferences. Someone who likes meat, some prefer fish to meat, there are those who follow a strict vegan diet. Apparently, there is no single recipe by which to prepare a dish, which will be admired by all food lovers of the world.

What should be the food

None of us will deny that any new dish that you cook for your family and people close to you, trying to surprise them, make them nice, must be prepared, first of all, with love. And don’t forget about that it must be still useful. Every day for Breakfast, lunch and dinner with food we get our body the necessary nutrients. And it is desirable that they have done in certain, the right proportions. And no matter how sad, every day we are exposed to influence of harmful toxic substances, which come from the outside with water, inhaled air, substandard products. The carcinogens that appear in the process of cooking food, also adversely affect us. It is proved that proper and adequate nutrition promotes healing of the intestine and significantly reduces the formation in it of toxic reactions. So, the dish must be wholesome and nutritious, should be cooked considering the fact that he loves the person for whom it is prepared.

How to cook

The first make-shifts of any home cook should be foods that contribute to the preservation of beauty, youth and health. The actual proportion of fresh and healthy ingredients. Try to diversify your menu, boring, monotonous food, and is not only not the “most delicious” but also disgusted.

You need to make in your diet a variety of vegetables as it is a guarantee of a balanced diet and a natural source of vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements. Our bodies, alas, cannot synthesize all the nutrients, therefore some products must be included in the diet of our food mandatory. Vegetable food also helps to digest proteins with carbohydrates, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and liver. Eating a variety of vegetables can guarantee you the absence of overweight. Because contained in some of these acids help breakdown of fats. The fiber contained in vegetables, normalizes the process of digestion. Useful trace elements stimulate the immune system and promote the death of pathogens.

Fruits contain many antioxidants – substances that slow down oxidation reactions in cells, and prevent aging of the skin and the body. The most essential antioxidants are vitamins a, C, E, selenium. Fruits, berries, nuts, legumes replenish their stock, it’s tasty and healthy.

Products of vegetable origin, nature painted in bright red color, contain the greatest amount of antioxidants. Try to eat in the cooking process as much as possible vegetables and fruit in fresh form because the heat treatment under temperatures they lose 50-70% of its useful qualities.

Add to salads and soups lots of greenery. Onion, parsley, dill favourable effect on the hair, give Shine and lively appearance, strengthen nails, relieve swelling and help in inflammatory processes of the skin, and normalize digestion and generally are a herbal panacea for diseases accompanied by a decrease in the level of immunity.

Dishes made from fish, rich in protein, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A and D (fish liver) and sea fish contains iodine. Due to fatty acids contained in fish, cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels is delayed to a lesser degree. It is proven that people who frequently consume fish food live longer than those who ignore it.

Meat is the main material for building cells in our body, so no matter how you treated the meat, the whole world knows that it must be included in the diet of growing and developing person. Meat is the main source of vitamin b, iron, potassium and phosphorus. Vary the types of cooked meat. Turkey, for example, also contain known antioxidants, is a source of magnesium, manganese, iodine and sulphur. Magnesium, in turn, is responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Chicken contains a huge amount of protein and minerals and is also fat-free meat for people trying to lose weight, as it has meager amounts of fat.

The perfect dish

A dish that you and your family will endow the proud title of the most delicious in the world, should not only combine incredible taste, to be prepared from fresh and healthy to our body products have appetizing appearance and meet the culinary preferences of your home gourmets, but also to be served to the table without delay. Lunch, Breakfast or dinner, eaten on time and with pleasure — this is the most delicious dish in the world.

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