Salad with tuna and tomatoes - Delicious menu
Salad with tuna and tomatoes Spring salad with tuna and fresh vegetables can beautify any holiday table, and great nutritional properties of the tuna make it a treat rather hearty…

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The most expensive delicacies in the world
We annually spend on food a whole pile of money. But, it turns out, there are people who are able to spend not just mountains, but whole oceans of money…

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Christmas recipes of the peoples of the world
Overseas exotic: Christmas recipes from different countries Added by the user Eat at Home! New year's eve dinner – truly a work of culinary art, in whatever country you were…

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The most delicious exotic fruits of the world

To travel to exotic countries nice not only because of the opportunity to soak up the sun on the beach or swim in the blue water of the ocean. Here you can also try different local meals and exotic fruits.

1.Rambutans grow in southern Asia and the Malay archipelago. The rambutan fruit reminiscent of lychee, red skin covered with spines. Tasting will immediately feel and sweetness, and freshness. The rambutan tree is green all year round and is considered the most popular fruit tree throughout South Asia.

3. Passion fruit or passion fruit. This fruit can be found in India, New Zealand, Brazil and other exotic countries. Biting, inside see juicy pulp and immersed in her little seeds of the fruit that makes the taste of passion fruit is even more refined. Usually fruit passion fruit are divided into two types: Golden, flavor is reminiscent of grapefruit (Maracuja) and dark pink (Gulupa). Last recently discovered some substances harmful to our body, so be careful and know when to stop trying this exotic fruit.

4. Lychee . India and Taiwan. These are small white soft fruit, covered with a tough red rind, rich in vitamin C and grows on an evergreen tree. Pulp of lychee is reminiscent of grapes. Because of its taste lychee popularno worldwide, are exported to most countries of the world in fresh and also in frozen or canned form.

5. Carambola, tropical star, starfruit or carom. Fruit originating from Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. It grows on the tree Carambola, once a year dressing up pink flowers of incredible beauty. Now, this exotic fruit are trying to grow in America. Yellow fruit star fruit spiked resemble a star, they have a lot of vitamin C, they are crunchy, sweet and reminiscent of a pineapple flavor with the apples and kiwi at the same time. Grow two kinds of sour and sweet. Some “karambolage” produce delicious wine

6. Mangosteen, mangosteen, mangosteen, mangosteen, Garcinia, Mongkut grow on the Molucca and Sunda Islands. This is another tree not losing its green foliage all year. Inside the ripe fruit does not look very appetizing — dark-brown flesh like rot, and tastes sour, so travelers Europeans before him was not paying enough attention to thinking “what a strange rotten berry?”. Actually, it contains a lot of nutrients, antioxidants. Some scientists believe that mangostine it is possible to treat some serious diseases (e.g. cancer). The ripened fruit is a round, brown fruit with hard skin. Inside light-brown seeds and white pulp. The taste is sweet and sour, smells good. Stored not for long, because soon spoils inside. Can be eaten raw, the pulp can be preserved with sugar, cook jelly and jam. The berries are rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B and C .

7. Kumquat. At first glance — a small orange, but taste and smell more like tangerine. Even peel like a tangerine, delicate and delicious. Like most citrus, kumquats can be eaten raw, without heat treatment. They are often added to jam, jams and even liqueurs to improve the taste. You can prepare flavored jello, canned. The Taiwanese add kumquats in tea to treat sore throat. Fruits rich in vitamins C and E, in Eastern medicine is used to treat fungal infections, therapy of the respiratory tract and even to ease the hangover.

10. Civano. Also known as horned melon or African cucumber. Plant of the family Cucurbitaceae. Originating from Africa, used to grow in the desert Kala Hari, and New Zealand. Now you can find almost all over Southeast Asia and even Israel. The most accurate description — melon with horns. The flesh is dark green. In different periods of maturation has different tastes, ranging from cucumber to banana, lemons and even passionfruit. Inside this fruit is really similar to cucumber, with the seeds only bigger. The pulp skolkova, so there is not very convenient. But looks very impressive, and so African cucumbers are often used for decoration of sweet desserts (e.g. ice cream). A ripe fruit about 15 cm in length, yellow-orange with small spines. Most of the fruit is a large flat seeds, but the bright green flesh is juicy and sweet. Eat raw, in fruit salads and ice cream.Contains a lot of vitamin C.

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