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Quick and delicious salads

Quick and delicious salads

Most of us love salads and often we prepare salads at home . Salad is a versatile dish for any holiday. You always want to cook something new salads. I know for myself, when the guests try something new, ask the hostess for the recipe. Today offer recipes of the salads that I tried to prepare myself, most importantly, it’s quick and savory salads, we can cook except sandwiches.

Salad”Snow garden”.

2 tomatoes, 200 g cucumber, 200 g sweet pepper 150 g white cheese, a bunch of green onions, salt, pepper, olive oil for dressings.

Tomatoes,cucumbers, peppers and onion, add pepper, salt, fill with oil and mix. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

Salad “Pepper”.

2 sweet peppers ( red and yellow), carrot, cucumber, tomato, radish, greens.

Cut the pepper thin half-rings, carrot and cucumber slices, tomato slices, radish slices, chop the herbs, mix.

To prepare the sauce 1 tbsp.

No less interesting is, and this cold appetizers for a festive celebration with mushrooms, horseradish and red sweet potatoes. Before you begin cutting the lettuce, all the root vegetables and eggs to boil and peel from the skin and shell.

Cheese snack on the chips I got almost to the flower and in the middle you can put a Cup with olives, olives or cornichons. Add chesnara is squeezed through a press garlic. not a lot of mayonnaise and mix.

Indispensable dish on any celebration are the salads – meat, vegetable, even fruit, they always will appeal to visitors and will occupy a worthy place on the holiday table. I’ll describe a few of the salad recipes to whip up, are very tasty and look presentable.

As you know, raw vegetables, vitamins a lot more, so I make a good salad recipe which is different from the traditional one described in our magazine by Victoria the Kate.

Very popular salads in a hurry and step-by-step recipes posted on the Internet.

These two salads are very simple, preparation takes little time and turns out just a great result.

There is another way to cook salad with brisket, depending on the availability of the necessary products. Mixed with green peas and two grated on a fine grater egg yolk and one third. Sometimes this unusual combination as a salad with crackers and corn or a salad with crackers and sausage. Salads or seasoned with a mixture of vinegar with oil, salt and pepper, or mayonnaise . Onion shred small cubes. Let’s add some shrimp and get the trout with shrimp sauce. All the ingredients must be rubbed on a medium grater, but canned mash with a fork.

Tomatoes . cucumbers, peppers and onion, add pepper, salt, fill with oil and mix. On the bottom put the rice, top with pieces of sardines, then add the cucumber, carrot, onions should . proteins and finally the yolks.

Surely everyone at least once tried a well-known salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with onions . flavored mayonnaise or vegetable oil.

Potatoes, cut into cubes, eggs finely chop. Be sure to use the quick recipe of this delicious salad . It’s a win-win solution for any holiday table. Externally it is very similar to a casserole, on top of salad covered by a layer of melted cheese. Remember, almost all salads add salt before serve. Four fry the champignons, cut into cubes. Then cut into small pieces. At the bottom of the stack the mushrooms, caps down, chopped greens, potatoes, cut into small cubes, mayonnaise .

It’s time to assemble our salad . Once the ice cream has melted, add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix with ice cream. Produces a light salad . tasty and hearty. Onions with carrots and peppers, fry, add tomatoes . tomato paste and sweat for 10 minutes.

Now two hundred grams of prunes pour hot water and leave to swell for about fifteen minutes. One of the easiest ingredients you can prepare a real gourmet meal that will impress all on the spot just for its taste and appearance. Small cubes chop a couple of fresh cucumbers.

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