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Cooks jewelers: the world’s most expensive dishes – recipes

Who doesn’t like the records? All love! Some – read lists, and others to get them. Among chefs, too, there are such cranks – behind the scenes they compete in creating the most expensive dishes. The course is the whole Arsenal of delicacies: lobster, white truffles, caviar… the Most cunning and make pretentious, not to say honest, but effective move: add in dishes of pearls with diamonds. And almost all the dishes that claim to be the most expensive and exclusive, can be found at a tempting gloss – covered because these masterpieces with gold leaf and precious stones.

1. Glamorous Burger

Burger should cost $ 2. Or, say, 20 in a fashionable restaurant with wonderful supply. OK. How about 1100 pounds, ladies and gentlemen?! Believe me, that’s it! For 1800 dollars in one of London’s restaurants you can taste the sandwich of rare Japanese Wagyu beef, new Zealand venison, brie cheese, smoked duck eggs… and the list of ingredients it is possible to paint quite a long time. There is also saffron, and white truffle, and brioche covered with some sesame seeds and gold! And the name does not disappoint – gamburger. Quite a choice because glamorous. And this sandwich will not leave the customer hungry:it has as many as 2.6 thousand calories. And offer the dish with a buffet of delicacies – apparently, only one hamburger customers had a bit.

2. My diamond

Chocolate cake covered in 24-carat gold and topped with another word and will not pick up – 15 African diamonds. It costs about 2600 dollars. Have prepared a wonderful treat in 2009, a Filipino chef Angelito Araneta. It is known that constantly puts inedible dishes in the ingredients.

By the way, the cake was a wedding present. Honestly, it is not the most beautiful and Photogenic dessert. Anyone with somewhere in the bins are the precious metals and stones, can “cook” like this “exclusive”. The main thing – not his. I was afraid it would.

3. Fish in the pearl

Chef Angelito Araneta, and another culinary is a precious masterpiece

To beat the Guinness Book record for the most expensive sushi in the world, already familiar to us crafty cook Araneta again the dish was decorated with jewels, pearls and diamonds. As a result, the portion of the five sushi was valued at two thousand dollars. But the irrepressible lover of jewelry and records has received the coveted diploma in a frame under glass. In General, it’s called “KaratChef”. Maybe he should go to the jewelers?

4. Pizza – the food of kings

Of course, if it is 8300 euros! And is called accordingly – “Pizza Louis XIII”. Only in premium, luxury and luxury products. Special grade flour, Austrian rare red salt “Murray River”, crayfish, lobsters, tuna…And the Buffalo mozzarella cheese from the milk of cows. Dressing fancy – cognac, of course, the best. However, the diameter of the VIP pizza is just 20 cm As they say, enough is enough.

5. Chocolate ice cream Golden

25000. Dollars. For the ice cream. Yes, in the Big Apple and this happens. First fabulous and incredibly expensive ice cream was cooked in one of new York restaurants in 2007. And there’s no Scam. 28 varieties of cocoa beans, half of which are rare and very expensive. Unique chocolate truffles, whipped cream – also, I think, special. And, of course, gold.

Served on a Golden plate and with Golden spoon. Dine, if you please to take these things with you – as a pleasant reminder of the insanely expensive and, I dare to hope, indescribably delicious dessert called “Frozen Haute Chocolate”.

6. Golden lemonade

In Dubai, as you know, all erected in the absolute. There even the police are driving around in a Bugatti, Aston Martina, Lamborghini and Ferrari. So that even something as simple as lemonade, should be easy.

“Just add gold” as it might sound the slogan of the manufacturer of the drink in the Photo. Lemonade with flakes of 24-carat gold leaf was prepared for a wealthy client from Dubai. After all, thirst is nothing. But the image is all…

7. Golden cheese.

Roskoshestvo Dubai residents probably liked to and English cheese “Clawson Stilton Gold”. Moreover, the price he almost not crazy – “only” $ 450 per kilogram.

7. Another Golden dessert – cupcake

And you can taste it… in Dubai. A thousand dollars apiece. Don’t skimp, because such a beauty! The group consists of gold, organic flour and butter from Britain, premium cacao from Italy, vanilla from Uganda. Sold a masterpiece only in the cafe “Bloomsbury’s” in the Mall “Dubai Mall”. Apparently, there are dishes I order frequently than ever.

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