The strangest meals of the world
Traveling the world, one way or another, we have a great variety of dishes of different countries. Talking about "the most bizarre dishes in the world" is very relative. The…

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Decorating your hands - ideas, tips, tricks
Always try to show imagination and to present the dish so that it looked appetizing, refined and elegant. The decoration of the dishes with his own hands certainly not professional…

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The aubergine chips
Quick and original snack — chips of eggplant It's high time "Blues", when the eggplants are sold everywhere and at very affordable prices. Sin not to use it and don't…

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TOP 10 exotic dishes

For every person living in any part of the world, the cuisine of his country would be closer and clearer than the dishes of other countries. However, going to travel in another part of the world, most of us want to taste cuisine of other countries to experience the national culture of this place from experience. Traveling in Germany, people want to taste Bavarian sausages and beer, Italian restaurant often order a pizza or pasta and it will agree, familiar dishes for everyone, but what if you are driving, for example, in Cambodia, where you will be asked to eat fried grasshoppers? If you extreme or aspire to try everything in this life, we hasten to offer you 10 very specific dishes from around the world that most people will invoke a strong feeling of disgust.


TOP 10 exotic dishes — Alpaca

Some have not even heard about this animal. This cloven-hoofed mainly valued for their wool, soft as cashmere. But not only can you buy the expensive sweater or warm socks made of wool of this representative of camelids. You can also eat it! The best that can be made from Alpaca steaks level of doneness medium rare. They are gentle as the best Wagyu beef. It is recommended that societatis red from Bordeaux.

Only some kinds of white meat do not have the “tastes like chicken”. The crocodile is one of them. The best part is the tail. The crocodile meat a unique texture and flavor. If you can cite some analogies, this is probably the meat will be a sea devil, only a little more rigid. Serve with a sauce of butter and capers and white Torrontes.

Very rare stuff, can ruffle any eco-activist and fighter for animal rights. Whale tastes a bit like tuna. Is it in the form of sashimi and it is suitable to serve with wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce. However, your the closest restaurant is in Iceland, so this visit should be combined with a visit to the Blue Lagoon.

You like Bleu d’auvergne and other French or Swiss cheeses with mold and strong odor? This is not a subject for pride in front of squeamish people. But the love for KAFU Marco really able to surprise people. It’s a soft, sharp sheep cheese infested with live larvae. How are they acquired? The fact that the cheese is stored in the open to attract flies. Flies lay eggs, hatch them, and voilà! The larvae eat the cheese and it starts to rot. That is to ripen. Texture cacu matzah reminiscent of a Pecorino, and it tastes like Gorgonzola. Ah, Yes. It’s forbidden cheese. No, we’re not talking about sanctions. It is banned in the European Union. But we know where to buy it — in Sardinia on the black market.

These larvae — a popular dish among Maori, indigenous new Zealanders. Huhu externally very similar to white caterpillars. They are eaten alive or cooked. The latest in texture and taste like peanut butter. If, as in New Zealand, you is not going to do this, take the freshest oysters — there’s lots of them — to them and order a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Despite the name (“sweet bread”), it is a mistake to assume that we are talking about some ordinary baking. It’s a British dish always contains the tonsils, the esophagus and eggs sheep. In the UK these balls are similar to the notorious mitboly, can be enjoyed in the rustic pubs. But if London doesn’t want to leave, know that from time to time the dish is in the school St. John.

These wonderful insects, rich in protein, enjoy in many parts of the world, but especially popular they are on street markets in South East Asia and Mexico. Fried grasshoppers are crunchy, but they are usually seasoned with lime and garlic — the perfect snack. After hearing about the squirrels, fans gyms surely pricked up their ears. So, despite the high content of protein, grasshoppers still unlikely to replace a full protein diet. If you don’t shake my culinary muscles

Snakes are used in many cuisines — from Vietnamese snake wine and ending with Hong Kong’s snake soup. Rattlesnake tastes like chicken, only very rough. It should be separated from the skin and fry well in a pan or on the grill. Season with salt and pepper.

It turns out that it is possible even that may live in your apartment. I love Guinea pigs in the Andes of South America, mainly in Peru (and Colombia and Bolivia). Cook Guinea pigs mostly on an open fire, as game. To taste Guinea pig resembles a black hen. If only for the chicken rare Indonesian breed will have to pay $2500, a Guinea pig in a Peruvian restaurant would be much cheaper.

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