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The strangest meals of the world

Traveling the world, one way or another, we have a great variety of dishes of different countries. Talking about “the most bizarre dishes in the world” is very relative. The thing is that some of the dishes that we all here are so used, the representatives of some countries is at best bewildering and at worst the shock and outrage.

Going to another country with children, you should first pay attention to the weather and the food that will be eaten. To the children warm, you can buy underwear for children. it protects well from cold and excess moisture. Well, now let’s get to the food, we decided to tell You about the dishes, if not strange, it is certainly not usual and not taken root in Russia.

Say, some Frenchman, happy eating frog legs might wince to learn that in Russia, eat the fat, and the Chinaman, accustomed to see on his Desk, say, fried spiders, call a nightmare a favorite of many Russian jellied meat, pork ears and tails. So everything is relative.

So, in South East Asia popularity of snake wine. In particular, in Vietnam and China believe that it tones and invigorates. For the preparation of this wine is snake venom, dissolved in alcohol, by which it becomes non-hazardous.

In Iceland are very fond of shark meat,which for several months is posted on the air. This is done to ensure that the meat is a little patuha and weathered from a life-threatening health ammonia. Such meat is called haukal.

In the Philippines, eating duck eggs, in which the fetus has already formed, i.e. has got a beak, cartilage and fins. This dish here is called Balut and is considered to be exclusively male.

In Korea are considered a traditional snack of boiled larvae (Beondegi). And they are sold from street vendors, and in shops.

In Japan, many are not averse to different types of seafood marinated in their own guts. The dish is called Shiokara.

In Spain and USA like to eat bull testicles, in Cambodia, fried spiders, in the South of Europe – rooster combs, well, Chukchis, in particular, eat reindeer guts, smoked in the yaranga and very similar to sausages.

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