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Help – the Names of meat dishes

Vegetarians not to read.

Dieters too.

(thinking) On an empty stomach – try too.

“. When Russia was preparing all the dishes in the Russian furnace, it was possible to do in one word “hot” for any roasted meat dishes. When in the homes of citizens there were plates, there was a need in the names of new dishes roasted in pans of meat. Now we fry a small piece (hot), and portions of various shapes and cut from different parts of the carcass. These dishes came from the West together with the plate and their names – Dutch, French, English and others.

Steak – borrowed from English and means literally translated “a piece of beef”. Natural steak cut in one piece from the thick end of beef tenderloin. However, since the clipping is only about 1% of the mass of mascara, for cooking steaks and use the other part – the thick and thin edge. In this case, the pieces of meat with a cut surface slightly discourage. The thickness of each steak 20-30 mm.

Prepared semi-finished product is sprinkled with salt, pepper, fried with fat in a pan prior to the formation from both sides crispy crust. Set for steak fries. On top of the steak, you can put fried onions or scrambled eggs from one egg.

Steak – chunks of roast meat, cut from tolstovka beef carcasses. The French word consists of two parts: an adjective “between” and the noun “rib”. Thick edge or thin edge of the beef slice the pieces thinner than steak, – about 15-20 mm, slightly discourage, sprinkle with salt, pepper, fried and served as a steak, with onion, with egg.

Pork chop – cooked pork, veal or lamb, using renal berberoy part of the loin. Pork and lamb loin trimmed of excess fat so that the layer outside was not more than 1 cm Then cut into into pieces with a thickness of 10-15 mm. Their slightly discourage, sprinkle with salt, pepper and fry with fat first with one and then with the other hand.

When serving, put the escallops on a slice of wheat bread, fried in butter, and pour the meat juice or grease or red sauce, with added minced garlic. On the sides of the stack of fried potatoes or other side dishes. Serve pork chop with roasted tomatoes.

Rump steak – you can cook not only thick and thin edges of the beef, but from the upper and internal part of the hip pieces. Of these parts is cut into pieces with a thickness of 15-20 mm, beating them, moisten lesane (a mixture of milk with egg), roll (paneer) chopped into breadcrumbs, fry on both sides in heated skillet with the fat, and then thoroughly heated in the oven. On a garnish to rump steak can be served roast potatoes, vegetables in milk sauce, boiled rice, etc.

Fillet. – From the middle of tenderloin of beef cut across the grain pieces of a thickness of about 4-5 mm 125-150, sprinkle with salt, pepper and fry in a very hot pan with fat on both sides. You can fry the fillets completely (about 25 minutes), or not fully, to the meat inside remained pale pink. On a heated dish, spread chicken fillet, pour the fat and juices remaining in the pan, and the sides – roasted potatoes, tomatoes and other garnishes.

Fillet in the sauce is served: on a plate put a slice of fried white bread, a slice of cooked ham or tongue, they placed fried and sprinkled it with red sauce, and spread around the roast potatoes and other side dishes.

The splint is the same as fillet, cut into beef, but only from its thinnest part, at an angle to the fiber direction, thickness of about 10-12 mm. It is sprinkled with salt, pepper, fry on both sides in heated skillet and serve, drizzled with the juice and fat left after frying. On the sides of the stack of fried potatoes or other vegetable side dishes. You can apply a splint and tomatoes. To do this, choose tomatoes

medium size, scald them, and then remove the skin. Then cut the tomatoes in half and fry in butter, putting them first, convex side down, and then flat.

When applying the splint on a roasted tomato and sprinkled with oil and juice from the pan, where was roasting tomatoes. You can also use red onion or tomato sauce.

Schnitzel – is borrowed from German and means “to cut”, i.e. cut off a piece of meat.

Klops – German “klopfen” means “to beat”, “beat”, so “klops” – repulsed a piece of meat (“Schnell klops” – “made quickly”, “zwibel klops” – “meat balls with onions”).

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