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The aubergine chips

Quick and original snack — chips of eggplant

It’s high time “Blues”, when the eggplants are sold everywhere and at very affordable prices. Sin not to use it and don’t cook them something delicious. Your Sominka offers you original, unusual, tasty snack – chips of eggplant .

If you have nothing like preparing, use this recipe, your friends and home this snack certainly will like.

Additionally, the dish just to cook, this recipe is quick cooking and looks on the table cold appetizer of eggplant very nicely.

You will need:

2 large eggplant

150 ml cream 33 % fat

200 g feta cheese or any other soft cheese

2 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil

any greens for decoration

ground white pepper and salt to taste

Eggplants we shall cut slices crosswise, sprinkle with salt and soak for 20 minutes to left bitterness. Then wash and thoroughly get soaked cloth to remove excess moisture. If you have young eggplant, you don’t have to do this, they sprinkle with salt and stand for half an hour, as young eggplants usually not taste bitter. Latinamerican lay eggplant on parchment paper, greased with olive or vegetable oil, and place the squares in the oven at a low temperature, 70 °C.

While the eggplants are dried, we will deal with the preparation of the filling — fork pound mild feta cheese. Just want to say that if you find it difficult to buy Greek feta cheese, you can successfully change to another variety, in our case it’s: soaked in water, salted cheese, unsalted goat’s or sheep’s cheeses.

Cream, pre-cooled in the refrigerator, whip with a mixer, parsley (instead of parsley to take any other herbs) wash and small will Nachinaem. Combine the cream with the chopped herbs and gently mix, add ground pepper to taste. Our eggplant in the oven dried and turned into chips and from them you can now make “turrets”.

On a slice of eggplant put stuffing and cover its top with another slice. Top the aubergine chips will decorate any greens.

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