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Menu for a fall wedding

A variety of vegetables and fruits available on the autumn table, can serve as a powerful argument to get married this autumn. The riot of colors on the plates, when each dish is a work of art and original decoration. Use all the seasonal vegetables and fruits to the maximum.

Our menu ideas for a fall wedding.

1. Small pizzas

Prepare each guest a La carte pizza, with flavorful juicy filling of mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken, ham, salami, salty cheese, olives, herbs with a crispy crust. Autumn is especially easy to create colorful compositions and use all the colors of the rainbow in one (!) dish.

Other ideas: pizza in the shape of a heart, stuffed vegetables, tarts, dough, and vegetables, toasts, tarts. Small yeast baked cakes with different fillings, meat, mushrooms, egg with green onions, fried cabbage, etc.

2. The mushroom dishes

For cooking you can use any mushrooms, but add in dish a couple of these from the forest dried or fresh (from trusted sources). These dishes are especially good in the fall, and every guest is sure to evoke warm memories and the atmosphere of cordiality.

Other ideas: julienne, mushroom caps, stuffed with meat, cheese, tomatoes, etc.

3. Eggplant and sweet pepper

Vegetables will help to diversify the holiday table. A new idea for the design and supply: fried blue with chesnokom mayonnaise and parsley all love. Submit their original, cutting out the cookie cutter hearts, stars, garnished with carrots and colored peppers. But the pepper is not necessarily subjected to heat treatment. Apply large plates of colorful bright juicy sliced peppers. Letters-the initials of the newlyweds, heart, figures. Believe me, this approach will appeal not only to children.

Other ideas: the blue rolls stuffed with cheese with garlic and Basil. Salads of sweet peppers, etc.

4. Kebabs with vegetables

Vegetables on skewers great appetizer. They can be cooked on the grill, if your wedding is outdoors, large mushroom caps, tomatoes, garlic and served with aromatic sauces-gravies-overlay. But if your wedding is in the cafe, order the vegetable skewers of raw vegetables: sweet peppers, small sweet tomatoes-cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes is much more interesting than traditional salads – try it!

Other ideas: Salad of raw mushrooms with lemon juice and olive oil.

5. Cold cuts, cheese, bread with olives and garlic

With such an abundance of vegetable snacks and salads meat dishes should be simple. In order not to duplicate the same set of products, we would have refused of course type of cabbage and will give the meat simply baked and sliced, with aromatic cheese, fragrant bread with spicy herbs, olives, garlic.

Other ideas: grilled meat, chicken thighs or wings with rosemary, grilled different types of meat, etc.

6. Apples, melons and watermelons

There is no better treats than sweet juicy fruits (which will also help to save money on drinks 😉 ). Buy a couple of large wicker baskets. They have some beautiful multi-colored apples and place around the room. Every guest will be able to eat during the wedding Banquet + apples can be used for various competitions and as a decoration. Melons and watermelons should be cut into pieces without skin and put on additional tables at the beginning of the Banquet, not forgetting to replenish the reserves eaten. Believe me, such a treat always go with a Bang. Don’t forget to put two little plates, forks and napkins.

Other ideas: Drink from the watermelon, and alcohol for kids that can be fed directly into a homemade vase from the peel of a watermelon. Imagine how colorful and seasonal will be your wedding Photos.

For dessert for a fall wedding, we wanted something chocolate and creamy. For example, small cakes with raisins, jam or chocolate or profiteroles with butter cream drizzled with chocolate.

Other ideas: small cookies in the shape of hearts, apples and pears in wine with cinnamon.

8. Wedding cake

The wedding cake has long ago become a separate topic for discussion. Now it not only is decorated with white-pink flowers and a pair of swans. Your seasonal cake can be a real work of art. Autumn wedding cakes decorated with bright yellow sunflowers, chocolate acorns, colorful sugar maple or oak leaves and branches of mountain ash, Paradise apples and small pumpkins.

Other ideas: tiered cakes are growing in breadth and upwards. Cakes are taller, but smaller diameter, it is interesting to look cakes of different shapes in a single cake, alternate with round square, or cakes with beveled edges, resembling the leaning tower of Pisa.

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