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What to cook for Easter

Interesting ideas

On the eve of the bright holiday, many ponder what to cook for Easter. To understand this will help a few interesting ideas below. It has long been thought that the table at Easter should be full of different dishes. For the holiday our ancestors grew herbs for decoration Easter table as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Traditionally, on the table stood a wicker basket filled with greenery and colored eggs.

Each family of believers eagerly waiting for the onset of this bright spring holiday, you observe old traditions and customs. The Easter table in a rich family consisted of 48 different dishes, all of them were associated with the days of fasting ended. Main dishes for Easter was, of course, cottage cheese Easter, painted eggs and kulich.

We offer you interesting ideas for the Easter, they will help you to prepare a rich and original festive table. Every cooked dish you can make holiday-themed. Use this collection of recipes, it will help you determine the menu for Easter.

Original Easter salads

Simple and familiar to all salads can be a little “refresh” after working on their design. Salad for Easter “chicken” is an interesting festive dish that will delight guests diningroom. Canned mushrooms go perfectly with chicken breast and cheese makes the salad a spicy flavor. Rye crackers can be a perfect solution to decorate the salad, it’s simple and at the same time unusual.

Salad “Nest of grouse” — the perfect solution for Easter. It mixes a lot of flavors, all the ingredients complement each other. The leaves of the salad will give the dish a freshness, fried potato will be an imitation of the nest and make it “crunchy”. Eggs processed cheeses with herbs, which are the symbol of the holiday, will enrich the salad a new taste.

Prepare salad “Easter egg”. Nourishing meat salad with mushrooms and cucumber is the perfect complement to other holiday dishes for your table. Original decoration of fresh vegetables and herbs will give the cooked dish a kind of Easter egg.

Festive snacks

In this holiday will be actual eggs, so you should prepare them an unusual and interesting appetizers. Vegetable eggs for Easter is a bright and tasty snack, which collected a variety of tastes, and herbs and peppers to enhance their fresh flavour.

Jellied eggs, not only will decorate the table, but also offers a unique taste of boiled sausage, canned corn and fresh spring vegetables. Have another snack called egg “Faberge”, it is perfect for the Easter table.

Try to prepare several variants of festive snacks from the eggs, they are all different both in appearance and taste. Each guest can choose an appetizer, with fish, mushroom or meat filling.

Dishes of fish and meat

Don’t forget about my delicious hot meat dish on a bright holiday, a great option would be the Easter chicken from ham. This dish can be enjoyed a La carte, delicious chicken chicken with mushroom stuffing has to come to mind to anyone who tried.

As main dishes you can prepare jellied fish. Such a beautiful dish of salmon, walleye or pike has a refined and complex taste. Aspic can be decorated with greens, boiled eggs, and bell peppers. This priming option would be perfect for Easter.

Decorating and dyeing eggs

The process of dyeing and decorating eggs is a special event for every family on the eve of Easter. To give the eggs a bright color, you can use the greenery and the onion peels, so get marble eggs .

Very beautiful and unusual produces eggs, colored with turmeric and beets. This method of coloring eggs can be a great alternative to store-bought chemical dyes.

Decorating eggs can be sand, small grains, and fabrics, such a creative approach to the decoration of the eggs will not be seen on holiday. This activity will help you to feel the approach of the holiday and give a wonderful mood.

Pastries and desserts

Cake is a traditional pastry that is prepared on Easter, she recalls the bread that tasted of Jesus Christ and his disciples, so that they began to believe in the resurrection. Easter cake in multivarka can be cooked simply and quickly, it turns out as tasty and tender as baked in the oven. The top of this cake can be decorated to your liking with protein frosting, fondant, and sugar beads.

Should also prepare the Passover cheesecake custard. it will delight guests and family with a chocolate surprise inside, and the candied fruits add bright colors. Delicate curd dessert will appeal not only to children but also adults.

Interesting and very tasty cake “Easter egg” will be able to please present at the festive table with its unusual appearance. Its delicate and rich creamy taste combined with the protein-oil cream give minutes of pleasure.

The above ideas for the Easter table will help you to plan the menus and cook delicious foods, traditional cakes, and painted eggs and original ways. Arrange for yourself, your family and guests a memorable holiday – prepare a rich buffet on Easter, serves will look great on your Desk. With the Resurrection of Christ, may this day bring a lot of positive emotions and delight a delicious and unique Easter treats!

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