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The most exotic dish in the Philippines

Yes, today we will prepare the most exotic dish in the Philippines! And do not care that today is Wednesday and not our favorite cooking day is Friday. Always want to eat, including the media, agree.

To be exact, to cook it will not “we” (we are an international team of “helpers” and races….s) be prepared to be my maid, a good friend of mine, a native of Luson, my incomparable and charming Angela. So today’s recipe and the dish is completely performed by Angela. Welcome!

The name of the dish, and the finished product will be in the final post. So, today we will show you something that you at least will surprise you, my dear readers 🙂 and many, I fear, irreversible and continuous salivation, which can lead to dehydration. I warn you, if you are weak by nature, and culinary themes are dire effect on your nervous and digestive system, by the end of this post you can get to the hospital. So the rule is: not confident, a cat don’t go! And everyone who is brave, who is not afraid to lose a liter of saliva, who wants to see and wonder what can Filipino women, they go under the cut and enjoy.

What we need for cooking?

The meat 🙂 Meat should be of two types: choice beef and selected pork. 50/50 will turn meat into mince.

Flour. Top grade. Unfortunately in the Philippines with flour problems. She’s not very good 🙁

Also we’ll need bow, and all sorts of garbage: eggs, pepper, Laurel, salt, etc.

And we also need one little girl. That exotic dish. Therefore, the more exotic will be the girl the better :))


Angela begins to conjure. Pours flour on the black table. Be sure to flour should be white, and the table black. Look not Vice versa.

Breaks two eggs.

Adds a couple scoops of my beloved coconut oil.



All this is thoroughly whisk the flour and pours in the mouth.

Carefully and gently begins to knead.

First not very nice, but with every minute the dough acquires the desired shape and getting better and better.

There is nothing more beautiful than a test made by human hands.

The chef at work.


Knead until Angela, Sharmeen we play bowling.

My roommate is super! My favorite girl 🙂

Infernal bow ready.


Angela adds salt. peppers, onions and minced thoroughly mixed.

The horror of a vegetarian!

Angela is distracted by the meowing and screaming. Well, of course! We forgot to feed the cats. Meat and cats are incompatible.

Be sure to feed your cats before cooking, or they soul taken out of you :))

Angela sprinkle the Board with flour, preparing the surface for the final product. See how carefully and beautifully it does it.

Sharmeen spoiled, had to put on my neighbor straitjacket :))

Meanwhile, the magic begins. Angela cuts a piece of dough.

…begins to roll. Sharmeen interesting and curious. The child is not included in the ingredients, but a little bit more and Angela would roll her too. Well, that Adrian was more interested in the backyard to play games, I’m afraid that the table would not stand.

Anarchy and Love at work.

– Well, how? Okay, boss?

– Work still girls. Carefully, carefully!

– Yes, sir!

– How severe is your boss. Always like this?

– Yes, generally reptile. Only knows this: “work!”, work!” day and night the same…

At last the first pancake is ready.

Angela starts to skillfully work the glass, cut and make small pancakes.

Girl-anarchy helps.

Six months ago she went to the temples and shaven with a Mohawk on his head. Like all dads 🙂

Next, you guessed it, Angela Burt-meat and puts it inside the pancake.

Gently, carefully wraps.

And! Oh gods what we see. We see the first Filipino-Siberian dumpling. And who’s to say that it’s not the most exotic dish in the Philippines, so he never was in the Philippines and let him be the first to throw a stone at me.

Sharmeen helps the chef and it goes faster. Both try very hard.

The process went.

Dumplings performed by Filipina it is generally 8 wonder of the world. The army is growing.

All. Here they are beauties – Philippine Siberian pelmeni!

And here’s the beautiful Angela! Show me a Filipino who knows how to make these dumplings? I want to draw your attention to the fact that this man has a half a year ago didn’t know how to work with the dough, and the dumplings actually had never even heard of 🙂

Soon Rabotnicki catering and guests have gone home (with dumplings), and the main party went into the freezer until the evening.

In the evening I put the dumplings on to cook. I like to do in your camping pot.

Pepper, Lavrushka… Mmmm…. Look how lovely!

Opened up a six-pack of Korean kimchi. A great combination.

And then, finally, dinner’s ready! Butter, sour cream, + for this case I had a bottle of vodka dill has been found 🙂

Beauty and delicious!

Thank you my dear Angela!

Agree, what could be better than sitting under a palm tree to sharpen a gorgeous plate of homemade dumplings and wash it down with coconut milk 🙂

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