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5 most exotic fruits – culinary Israel news

A real foodie ought to try the most exotic fruits . 5 exotic fruits that are sure to taste.


Rambutan is an exotic fruit, fruit growing on a tropical tree in Southeast Asia. Rambutan is a small fruit, the size of a walnut, growing in clusters of 30 pieces. These are round balls with an elastic skin of red or yellow, covered with fine hairs with a length of 4-5 cm In the food consumed the flesh of the rambutan, covering the bone. This is a sweet transparent white gelatinous mass, very tender and pleasant to the taste.


This fruit is grown in India, in Thailand and in Eastern Asia. In food use flowers, young leaves and fruits of jackfruit. For example, young leaves are added raw to a salad, the flowers are blanched and added to sauces. It is the largest edible fruit in the world, reaching lengths of up to 90 cm and width up to 30 cm Its thick skin is covered with numerous cone-shaped protrusions. Inside the fruit is divided into shares, which contain a sweet yellow pulp. To taste the flesh of the jackfruit is very reminiscent of banana and pineapple.


This exotic fruit Chinese immigrants were brought to China in the XVII century. They say that the Chinese Emperor heard this, ordered to execute her gardeners. Lychee grow in clusters on small evergreen trees with dense foliage. Only in Thailand grows about 20 different varieties of litchi. This fruit small oval fruits with red skin, covered with acute tubercles. Light lychee flesh is similar to a delicate jelly. It is easily separated from the peel and has a sweet taste similar to grapes.


This yellow ribbed fruit has an oval shape. If you cut the starfruit crosswise, it is shaped to resemble a star. The cannon has a sleek and shiny leather, light green color, make, it becomes yellow. The fruit pulp has a sweet taste reminiscent of a combination of Apple, cucumber and gooseberry. Most often due to the beautiful shape of the cannon used to decorate sweet dishes and fruit salads. In this eroticheskom the fruit contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C.

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