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Salad with tuna and tomatoes – Delicious menu

Salad with tuna and tomatoes

Spring salad with tuna and fresh vegetables can beautify any holiday table, and great nutritional properties of the tuna make it a treat rather hearty and healthy dish.

For this recipe you can prepare several types of salad with various taste, if, instead of canned tuna to use any fillet of hot-smoked fish, such as catfish or mackerel.

We will need:

1 Bank of canned tuna (one fillet of hot-smoked fish),

Thick 3 ripe tomatoes (very impressive look of the tomatoes),

1 bunch leafy vegetables (Romaine, frills, iceberg, ruccola, Basil),

1 can pitted black olives,

4 hard-boiled eggs,

a bit of lemon zest (to taste),

olive oil mixed 1:1 with lemon juice.

Vegetables salad with tuna fish, you must first rinse and then thoroughly dry, a perfect place for that this silicone colander. which has fairly large holes to remove excess moisture and are made from special food-grade silicone. This modern silicone utensils can be compactly placed in any kitchen set, it does not require complex care, elastic and not sensitive to the smells of the products. In addition, the silicone colander is very easy to cook foods, steam or a water bath, due to high thermostatistical.

The eggs are cleaned and cut into quarters, tomatoes to your taste, if using cherry tomatoes, cut into halves.

Thus, if we replace in the recipe for chicken quail eggs, the appearance of the dish will benefit.

Olives drained of the brine, you can use them whole or cut in half.

By the way, it turns out that the separation of olives made only in Russian-speaking countries, all these are the fruits of the same tree. When choosing be sure to pay attention to the expiration date: in glass jars is 3 years, tin — 2. The indicator of the gauge consists of two numbers — the minimum and maximum number of fruits of an olive tree in one kilogram of dry product. Naturally, the performance of small caliber, such as 180/220 reveals large olives, while the average 280/320.

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