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Quick snacks to beer

History and localization of beer snacks is very complicated and almost defy systematic description. The diversity of varieties and kinds of beer made this drink is universal, and therefore a food associated with them, as extensive in the names and ways of cooking. If we talk about rules of setting, there is also a variety of options – from a clean table with mugs to rich treats with hot and cold dishes, including dessert. And beer everywhere there is a place and a good companion snack.

Beer snacks – a different direction in cooking

Beer in General can be considered as a drink with a “double bottom” – drink it just because it’s beer, a special element of culture, and is drunk as an accompaniment for some food, the menu is acceptable in certain conditions. It is difficult to surprise someone order beer for lunch or dinner in the restaurant. But there is a separate culinary direction that links cooking with beer – this beer snacks, including cold, hot dishes, salads, desserts. In each country it’s own set of dishes and products, which is superimposed on the national colors.

Experience the variety of opportunities offered by national cuisines in recipes snacks to beer, in the Pub daddy – menu of this beer house is filled with not only traditional English dishes, but also a very diverse range of zakusochnyh countries and peoples.

Than eating beer – dishes from different countries

As distributed associated in beer dietary preferences on countries and peoples?

In Russia the most popular controversial from the point of view of culinary alignment – dried, smoked or salted fish for beer. This quick snack to beer is staggering foreigners, who believe that the flavors of beer and fish kill each other, and these products are just individual specialties.

The closest in food preferences us Germany – here love strong beer served roast pork, sausages and salami with a generous garnish of stewed cabbage. Beer in Germany – the attribute bursting with rich fatty food table. Similar preferences of the Czechs – beer and food should be plenty, and hot meals in the form of meat, fried sausage with knedle – likeness dumplings – constitute the main part of the menu. Pub daddy in Moscow will give you that opportunity! – meat and hot appetizers we offer abundant and diverse! Quick beer in the Pub daddy is also not fail – here you will find everything from salads to toast with various additions!

Another terrific starter is a typical American, it’s famous wings, sometimes sharp, sometimes fried, but always juicy and crispy. Buffalo wings – a constant attribute of any menu respects the traditions of the beer establishment! Pub daddy pays tribute to the tradition and offers Buffalo wings, made by the classic appetizer recipe beer, which has not changed for a hundred years!

Fish, too hot, aromatic and accentuates the taste of the beer is Northern Europe, where beer is not only a drink but also a means to keep warm in front of a vast bowl of thick fish soup or a rich assortment of marine fish.

Cheeses beer is an invention of the British and the Belgians. English tradition considers the cheese as an indispensable attribute – a sharp or salty taste should emphasize the flavor of beer, flowing down the language and the sky wave of malt with bitter hops…

Recipes of beer snacks – from today, Germany and USA

And for foodies who want to try to create perfection with their hands, we offer recipes of beer snacks , which you will not be able to resist!

1. German snack starlites – marinated medium-sized trout, baked on a stick. For the marinade uses a mixture of black pepper, lemon juice, garlic and herbs with a strong aroma (rosemary, parsley, dill, thyme). The marinade seasoned with oil. Marinated fish mounted on sticks, and in the eviscerated abdomens stuffed greens. Allowed to use instead of the fish fillet – this snack can be prepared within an hour.

2. Famous Buffalo wings – the wings cut into three pieces, sprinkle with pepper and salt, add chili sauce and oil. After that, the wings are evenly dumped in flour and roast in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes on each side, placing on a lightly greased baking sheet. After baking wings then pour the chili and dried in the oven for about 5 minutes.

Pub daddy offers to try these masterpieces of beer snacks in a setting where beer is not just a drink but a ritual! The abundance of different varieties of English beer and a wide choice of hot and cold snacks will make your evening with friends unforgettable! Material on a similar theme: “What happens after the beer? “.

Decorating your hands - ideas, tips, tricks
Always try to show imagination and to present the dish so that it looked appetizing, refined and elegant. The decoration of the dishes with his own hands certainly not professional…


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