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The most expensive delicacies in the world

We annually spend on food a whole pile of money. But, it turns out, there are people who are able to spend not just mountains, but whole oceans of money on all sorts of delicacies. In our collection you will find the most expensive dishes in the world. Money that you spend on them the rich would be enough to feed a dozen people !

Sandwich the von Essen Platinum Club

If you think sandwiches and sandwiches, and affordable food that is equally accessible to rich and poor, then you are mistaken. Network of luxury hotels “Von Essen” offers sandwiches, which include Iberian ham, white truffles, dried Italian tomatoes and Bresse fowl. Perhaps it really is tasty food. but that’s the price for it “tasteless”: $ 200 for a sandwich!

Beluga caviar “Almas”

The world’s most expensive caviar is Beluga caviar-albino living in the Caspian sea from the Iranian coast. 100-gram jar of caviar worth more than $ 2,000. True, and the jar match the product: it is made of pure gold.

Italian pizza Luis XIII

Luis XIII – the most expensive pizza in the world. It is prepared in the small town of Agropoli, located in southern Italy. In this case a person. eating this pizza, can watch two top chef conducator masterpiece of culinary art. In the composition of dishes include red lobster, shrimps, lobster, caviar, lobster, caviar, lobster, caviar, tuna, Buffalo mozzarella cheese, cognac Louis XIII from Remy Martin and other rare ingredients. Even salted pizza is not ordinary salt, and Australian pink. It costs 10.5 thousand dollars.

Soup from swallow’s nests

The bird’s nest soup – one of the most famous of Chinese delicacies. It is made in China for 400 years. It is believed that this dish has a positive effect on the skin and potency. But will cost a soup cheap: from $ 2,000 per serving.

Salad “Florette Sea & Earth”

Take 50 grams of the choicest white Beluga caviar, lobster, lobster and Cornish crab. Add the grated truffles, red peppers, asparagus, potatoes and salad paretsky. Pour olive oil. In the end, get the salad “Florette Sea & Earth”, which can be enjoyed in the hotel’s restaurant “Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons” in Oxford. Each serving of salad is served on a gold foil and is worth $ 1,000.

Potatoes La Bonnotte

Calling this variety plain word “potato” do not dare, because this is a noble and aristocratic potatoes. It is cultivated on the island Normate, which belongs to France and is located somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. It is believed that this is the most delicious and tender potatoes in the world. Is this yummy 635 dollars per kilogram.

Marbled beef

Marbled beef is the most tender but also the most expensive meat in the world. Its name comes from its appearance: full of the subtlest fat meat really resembles marble. Best beef cows, Wagyu, which are bred in Japan. The tradition of producing marbled beef prescribe to treat the cows kindly, to feed them the choicest herbs, drink their best beer, and daily make them a hot massage with sake. 200 grams of fillet gourmets will have to pay at least $ 120, and the choicest pieces go at the price from $ 2,000 for a steak.

Scrambled eggs in the restaurant of the hotel “Le Parker Meridien”

I eat scrambled eggs rich and poor. This is an inexpensive, nutritious, tasty and healthy dish which is so good to start the day! However, there are scrambled eggs, to eat which can afford only very wealthy people. It is served in the restaurant of the hotel complex hotel “Le Parker Meridien”in new York. The composition of the scrambled eggs. milk, whole lobster, sevruga caviar and has a whole bunch of expensive ingredients. In the end, the dish costs $ 1,000 per serving.

Blue dumplings

We’ve learned that dumplings – food students and singles. However, a special blue dumplings, served in new York restaurant “Golden Gates”, available only very wealthy people. In the recipe included pork, veal, salmon, and fish-iron torch, which gives the dumplings a deep blue color. One portion, in which only 8 of dumplings, is $ 2,400.

The Chocopologie from Knipschildt chocolate

This is the most expensive chocolate in the world. Each tile is made by hand from natural ingredients, without the use of thickeners and preservatives. True, that’s why this chocolate can be stored for literally a couple of days. Worth pound (i.e. 453 grams) tile 2.400 dollars.

Ice cream. served in new York restaurant Serendipity 3

Perhaps this is the most expensive dessert in the world. Creamy ice cream. which includes 25 varieties of cocoa, whipped cream, chocolate Chocopologie from Knipschildt (Yes, the same)…and pieces of edible gold! It is served in a beautiful Golden bowl, and eat this dessert relies a gold spoon encrusted with diamonds. By the way, the dishes you can take home with them. The cost per serving of this ice cream is 25,000 dollars.

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