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Inexpensive and tasty salads from a beet

In my opinion, beets are a versatile product. It goes well with other vegetables, fish, poultry, vegetables and even fruit. It is suitable for cooking a variety of dishes – both simple and exquisite.

I like beets that you can cook inexpensive and tasty salads . My favorite salad “Nesvizh” . It’s something like herring under a fur coat, only much simpler because the ingredients are not laid out in layers, and are cut and shuffled.

Salad “Nesvizh” we need:

beets boiled – 2 pieces;

boiled carrots – 2 PCs.;

boiled potatoes – 4 PCs.;

onion – 1 PC.;

herring (fillet) – 150 g;

parsley – to taste.

It is obscenely simple: all cut into cubes, mixed with herbs and dressed with mayonnaise. The taste is just amazing!

I don’t know about you, but I always get after the holidays still has a few pickles, and sometimes some peas. So that in vain did not disappear, I often make an elementary, but no less delicious “beet Salad with cucumber and pea” (in our family it’s called “the Runt”).

Take the following products:

beets boiled – 2-3 PCs.;

salted cucumbers – 2 PCs.;

green peas – 200 g;

onions – 1 PC.;

green onion – to taste.

Cucumbers and beets cut into cubes, onion half-rings can, add green onions and peas, season with mayonnaise. Out with a Bang, and ready in 10 minutes.

Since we are talking about inexpensive and delicious salads, here’s another one. To cook it a little longer, but the result will justify all the time spent. It’s called spicy “Lover” .

What you need:

beets boiled – 2 pieces;

raw carrots – 3 PCs.;

cheese – 150 g;

raisins, walnuts, garlic – to taste.

The vegetables and grate the cheese on a grater, nuts to chop, garlic to crush. Put layers: carrots + raisins; cheese + garlic; beets + walnuts. All layers to spread with mayonnaise. Consumers for ears will not drag.

Say what you like, beetroot is an excellent product for making tasty and healthy salads. If your family like beets, quite often you can delight your loved ones simple and at the same time, original dishes.

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