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Salad recipes for birthday child

Preparation for the birthday child includes a festive menu. All the dishes you serve must be not only tasty but also healthy. And what could be healthier salads? Recipes of salads for the birthday child, as a rule, do not contain mayonnaise or other fatty and spicy sauces, in addition, these salads need to cook and fresh ingredients. Finally, the salads that you are applying for a child’s birthday, should be decorated in a very special.

Salad recipes for birthday child – salads snack bars

Salad “Traffic Light”. The main rule of this salad – all the basic ingredients you use, should consist of three colors: red, yellow and green. The rest can stick to their own taste, and can use this recipe.

You will need:


chicken eggs;

the cherry tomatoes;


boiled chicken fillet;

olive oil, mustard and lemon juice for the sauce.

Avocado cut, to choose the pulp and cut it into cubes. Chicken eggs to boil and cut in half, chicken fillet cut into cubes. All out onto a plate strips from the bottom up, alternating, according to the arrangement of colors of traffic lights: first, avocado and greens, then chicken eggs, tomatoes for ymislegt and high strip of the diced chicken. Separately in a gravy boat to file a special sauce made from the well-mixed olive oil, lemon juice and a bit of mustard.

Vegetable salad with melon, too, will put your little guests. For its preparation you will need:



chicken eggs;

green onion;

parsley or cilantro;



soy sauce;

Tartar sauce;

olive oil or any refined.

The cucumber and melon cut into small cubes, tomatoes cut into half rings. Boil eggs in cool and chop them fairly large pieces, greens finely chop. In a bowl, mix all ingredients and press out the juice of one lemon. Salt. Prepare a dressing consisting of soy sauce, vegetable oil, and Tartar sauce and serve separately to the salad.

And here’s another extremely tasty salad that will surely please children. Apart from being delicious, it is also nourishing, as prepared on the basis of pasta. So, you will need:

pasta in the form of bows;

feta cheese – about 250 g;

cheese grated Parmesan or any other grated cheese durum;

paprika red;




olive oil;

salt and pepper – to taste.

Boil the pasta. Mix the pressed juice of about three lemons with half a Cup of olive oil. Chop a little garlic to taste and add to the sauce then there put 3 teaspoons oregano.

Put pasta in bowl, add to the same chopped feta and chopped in small cubes Bulgarian pepper. Salt. All sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and mix well. And then fill the prepared sauce.

Salad recipes for birthday child – fruit salads

Fruit salad is a wonderful, useful, and it is also extremely delicious dessert that is usually served at the end of the gala dinner. Of course, you can apply the fruit to the table and just like that, but still, in the form of salad they will seem much tastier.

For example, you can prepare this fruit salad and serve it in the pineapple that invariably delight the younger guests. To make the salad you will need:

a half of a whole unpeeled pineapple;





a slice of orange;

a small slice of watermelon;

coconut flakes.

Carefully remove the flesh from half a pineapple, so as to obtain a bowl. Try to drain it from the released juice.

The pineapple, mango and watermelon cut into small cubes. Peel and also chop the banana and kiwi. Mix all in a salad bowl, add the blueberries and sprinkle with the orange juice. Fill the resulting salad pineapple “bowl” and top beauty sprinkle of desiccated coconut.

And here is the recipe fruit salad with yogurt . For its preparation you will need;



any other fruit – optional;

chopped walnuts;

natural yoghurt without dyes and fragrances.

All your fruit peel, cut into small pieces and mix in a salad bowl. In the yogurt add sugar to taste and a little vanilla for smell. Dress the salad with yogurt and sprinkle walnuts on top.

Fruit salad with honey . For making such incredibly delicious and healthy dessert for the birthday child you will need:





seedless grapes;



All fruits, except grapefruit and lemon are cleaned from skin and cut into small cubes. The grapefruit will have to clear not only the skin, but also from the skin, which gives it the bitterness, and then just break hands to pieces. Each grape cut in half lengthways. Place the fruit in a salad bowl layers, each layer sbryzgivaja lemon juice water and honey. Grapes need to put the latest scrapping and also add honey. The salad is ready.

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