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Australian cuisine – one of the most exotic and diverse in the world

Australian cuisine combined culinary tastes of East and West, ancient aboriginal traditions and recipes of immigrants from all over the world. Its capabilities extend from meat cakes and vegetarian sandwiches to kangaroo fillet with young shoots of sokolovici and fried onions, the newspaper “To the table of Muscovites”.

The flowering of Australian cuisine began quite recently – in the 90s of the last century. All largest cities of green continent has experienced the emergence of many new restaurants, designed in the spirit of “modern Australian cuisine”. The success of the local culinary arts was driven by two factors: first, the variety and uniqueness of dishes, secondly, cheapness.

Immigrants from all over the world have brought to Australia their culinary preferences, the cuisine not only United East and West, and brought their ancient traditions. The success turned out to be enormous. Andre Cointreau, the President of the Parisian “Le Cordon Bleu”, possibly the most prestigious culinary Institute, which has branches in London, new York, Tokyo and Sydney, believes that if a few decades years ago, France was the undoubted centre of world gastronomy, but now the centre – Australia.

“Australia is a place where developing a kitchen twenty-first century,” says Cointreau, believing that of culinary art of Australia will be a “classic cooking of tomorrow.”

Sovremennaya kitchen is a combination of completely different local traditions. Asian spices such as lemon grass, coriander, chili and cardamom can enter into traditional local dishes. At the same time, Asian cuisine replaces a portion of traditional Eastern ingredients Australian counterparts. For example, you can try marinated fillet of beef with curry-with spinach, with beetroot (a thick sauce with beets), fried pears with saffron palenta (corn flour) is nothing like a mixture of Indian and European style and ingredients.

Australia is divided into several regions, known for its signature dishes: cream Royal Island, Sydney’s oysters, mangoes from Bowe, scallops, coffin Bay, salmon from Tasmania.

With Australia most of us associate kangaroo. Only the meat of this animal, probably not for everybody. Fried, however, it is not much different in taste from deer meat.

Generally, Australians eat a lot of beef and very little mutton. The meat here is good deep fried. To the question what dish should be considered as national, the Australian would answer: “a Piece of meat!”. Moreover, the piece is quite impressive.

Mainland residents consume a lot of fish – including native species such as spaper, Barracuda, waitbar – small fish, very tasty in fried and canned. Quite an interesting Australian way of frying fish on the embers put a thick layer of herbs on fish, then another layer of grass and cover it with hot coals.

Speaking of Australia, you can not leave without attention and food of the aborigines, called “bush tucker” (cooked over charcoal). This bun “dumper” – a mixture of water and flour, “tea-pot” (tea, boiled in a camp kettle). It is worth tasting one of the most interesting dishes called “Soup Anaboroo, Mango and Burrawong”, consisting of 3 ingredients: ox, roasted in an elastic net as a whole, tropical mango, and burnavon – local walnut.

Mostly Australians drink tea, they are great hunters. In honor and cold beverages – fruit juice with added lemon, mint leaves and ginger. Very popular milkshakes and ice cream. Australia has a rather good wines, and the wine industry in recent years has undergone great changes.

Vegemite – national Australian dish. In 1922 Fred Walker decided to make a special “yeast extract”, at the same time nutritious and tasty. He mixed the extract with other ingredients: celery, onion and salt. A thick dark mass, which can be spread on bread and eaten as a finished dish. During the second world war, Vegemite included in the compulsory diet of Australians and soon proved so popular that it has become scarce.

Only in Australia you can try such unique dishes like kangaroo in a quandong sauce – fruit, which is called “peach dessert”, the lip shark, the fry of eels, blue crabs and freshwater oysters, as well as crocodile meat and possum. The secret to a good recipe, according to Australian chefs, is contained in the unusual Australian seafood.

The first of these dishes can be enjoyed in Adelaide, a lively town on the South coast of Australia. The sale of kangaroo meat was allowed recently, but dishes have become extremely popular due to the low fat content in the meat of this animal.

The kangaroos had long been threatened with extinction, on the contrary, Australia has seen a steep increase in their population. Therefore the use of kangaroo meat in cooking not only threatens the ecological balance, but also contributes to the solution of this problem.

Thanks to its favourable geographical location, Adelaide occupies a conspicuous place on the culinary map of Australia. Its Central market offers all the variety of flora and fauna, land and water. Only it is home to blue crabs and freshwater oysters. According to legend, the first settlers died of hunger, not knowing that they are next to a huge quantity suitable for food products. Today it is known that more than 20 thousand species of plants found in Australia, about 20% edible.

Moreover, these days in the restaurant menu began to use new products local vegetarian, such as riberries, bunya nuts, wild Roselle, cockatoo plum and many more.

Among the desserts stands out Lamington – sponge cake, doused with chocolate Fudge and sprinkled with coconut chips. First Lamington were made from biscuit dough with a filling of strawberries or raspberries. Today they are usually cooked without the addition of jam, only occasionally using whipped cream as a filling.

Australian cuisine is in a stage of rapid development, and it is possible that in the future we will have the opportunity to try not only the above, but also completely new.

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