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Light salads: delicious recipes for every day

Any meal and lunch daily rarely pass without delicious salads, pleasing to the eye and taste. This is the most popular cold dishes, giving unlimited possibilities to combine products and create new flavor combinations. But, unfortunately, not all salads are equally useful. Classic Olivier salad in mayonnaise, for example, a real calorie bomb. But light salads of vegetables or fruits, flavored olive oil or balsamic tart is quite another thing.

Why salad “light”?

First, let’s understand why some salads are called “light” and the other “heavy”? Criteria two: the caloric value and ease of digestion. Light salads are usually prepared on the basis of plant foods: all kinds of vegetables, fruits (fresh or canned), carrots, herbs and spices. Vegetables contain little calories, are easily digested and do not create heaviness in the stomach. As a dressing they normally use olive or sunflower oil, vinegar, lemon juice or a special sauce made with low fat yogurt. For heavy-duty typical use of a large number of cheese, meat, sausages, smoked meat, mayonnaise or salad atypical products (e.g., cooked noodles). Most of these products on individually digested normally, but in the same plate in the form of salad just “fall” into the stomach a heavy stone. After this salad, not to hot,and even more dessert.

Therefore, the most delicious and light salads are those that stir the appetite and delight the taste buds and delight the eye with its external decoration: the decoration of the salad is as important as its content. This salad makes even an ordinary dinner into a special meal where the most important thing for the palate.

Recipes for every day

The number of various recipes of vegetable and fruit salads unquantifiable. In addition to hundreds of cookbooks, every experienced housewife cherishes its own recipe easy salad, of course, very tasty.

The easiest recipe is to take fresh vegetables that have in the house, wash, cut into slices, a little salt and dress with olive oil. To make a mistake in that recipe is impossible, as, indeed, to spoil the taste of the salad. It is on this principle made familiar to us from childhood salad “vitamin”, “cabbage” and “spring”.

Below are the original recipes of salads that will help make your daily diet more varied and tastier.

Vegetable salad original

This salad is best done in the fall or winter, as it is this time of year in the stores we have a “season” overseas Chinese cabbage. So, for the salad you will need: 1 “kochanek” Chinese cabbage, two tomatoes, two small cucumbers (or one large), a jar of canned corn. My vegetables and cut into large cubes. Now it’s the most important: you need to prepare a special filling based on cheese. To do this, take: 150 grams of cheese, vegetable oil, teaspoon sugar, juice from half a lemon, salt, pepper and herbs to taste. In a Cup, mash the cheese with a spoon or fork and add vegetable oil, stir, then add the lemon, sugar and spices. Fresh herbs (if available) chop finely and add to the mixture. Again all mix well and all, you can fill the salad! Tip: if you are preparing a salad with a reserve, it is better not to mix all the vegetables with the dressing, and store them in separate bowls, tucking the required amount of salad just before serving.

Seafood salad

When added to salads of any kinds of seafood not only increases the amount of vitamins and minerals in it (such as iodine), but also gives the usual cold snack a unique taste. The simple light salad with shrimp is prepared just for half an hour. For this we need about 10 shrimp medium size, boil in salted water and a good brush. In a bowl for salad, cut into slices 1 cucumber and a couple of sweet peppers there is add the leaves to any green salad (lettuce, iceberg, etc.) that are best not cut and tear the hands. Vegetables and salad a little salt and add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Now you can put in a salad shrimp (if large, best to cut into several pieces) and pour a small amount of vegetable oil.

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Light salads: delicious recipes for every day
Any meal and lunch daily rarely pass without delicious salads, pleasing to the eye and taste. This is the most popular cold dishes, giving unlimited possibilities to combine products and…